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  1. Here we go again! most recent buyer bailing out already! http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/13735283 http://www.nethouseprices.com/index.php?con=sold_prices_street_detail&street=UPPER+CASTLE+VIEW&locality=BLACKPILL&town=SWANSEA&cCode=EW&year=All&house_style=All&house_age=All&search_radius=&outcode=SA3&incode=5BY 425k 1 yr ago
  2. http://www.dawsonsproperty.co.uk/properties_for_sale.php 100k off so far! just needs another 300 or so! Bad link - i am talking about the 2 houses joined together in Mumbles that was on for 850k not so long ago, then 795k!
  3. yes i think Argoed Hs gone mad! still, im already in the queue in the Sandfields!
  4. if you do buy make sure you get a LARGE chunk off the asking price, a volatile market in the bay at the moment, plenty of people trying to recoup large potential losses having bought in the past 4-5 years.IMO lots of these blocks get run down quite quickly due to renter occupation and are poorly maintained.
  5. i think you are probably refering to the EA that i have found the biggest BSer!
  6. 2 comments today - This has been on for ages and still no price drop! http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002075773&CURRENCY=GBP Why when properties sell do GCP leave them on the website for almost a year!!
  7. i think so MT - net house prices has it sold at 795k
  8. both are horrible, over 500k to live in a standard house in Sketty, no thanks! What can we say about the pricing that we have not said before!
  9. WTF!! http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002105619&CURRENCY=GBP Nice BUT sold in September 2011 (1 yr ago) for 795k! no work done (i remember looking at the pictures a year ago) so....why have GCP got it on for 100k more...surely anyone contemplating buying this place would look to see last sold price! so thats about 10k/month appreciation.mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. not bad price - about 80k for each tub of white paint they have used.Bargain.
  11. VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF NONSENSE 2007 paid 580k no obvious work renovation done now asking 725k - i thought i remembered this one being on a while back so i checked it out! unbelievable, do the sellers think such info is not readily available! http://www.simpsonsproperty.co.uk/fe_property/property_details.asp?property_id=1709
  12. http://www.vebra.com/property/618/23721192 looks like we were wrong!! wonder if they will regret that.
  13. yes, i have noticed "hill breeze"! overpriced by at least 250k, if it wasa grand designs spec maybe , but not with all that upvc,the renolydson one has been on for maybe 4 years!
  14. it is fair to say over the past 2 years prices in Mumbles have dropped, the only ones that sell do so at a "reasonable" price.Loads are on for 2 years + and then are removed never sold, heard from an EA that lots of -ve equity in the area.
  15. i agree with niceathome, a nice house with some nice featues but way too close to the ever encroaching student land to be worth 320k, i think you would end up like clint eastwood in his house in gran torino down there! Its a shame because its a nice row of houses, i have walked/ran past many times and seen smashed wing mirrors and the like from students walking home late at night. I would not have bothered renovating this one would be better as a HMO.
  16. that one really is well overpriced given some of the houses in that price bracket.The volume of traffic going past must be horrififc!
  17. can i have a link to the 585k open house please chaps? thanks
  18. sorry guys, i forgot we had already done this one! - i just saw it again and was flabagasted! its tiny, cant even walk below the bed.That one on in william gammon was on for 420 i think a while ago and taken of the market, they have obviously put in a loft conversion since and increased the price to 440 expecting us to pay for said conversion! not gonna happen
  19. 2 words, ha ha! http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002581329&CURRENCY=GBP
  20. 395k - mental! They have over the years had great difficulty shifting these, it was built just at the end of the boom and i think they have been stuck with the stock to be honest.395k is langland manor money, i would be very suprised if this sold at all even for 100k less.GCP have out done themselves on this one!
  21. Maybe people listen - This one, http://www.findaproperty.com/for-sale/property-11885621, was on for 780k a few months ago and quickly removed from the market.Back on now 50k less having had a brand new kitchen and been decorated! still a bit much thou :angry:
  22. classic! 780k for that place up the valley! - someones gonna take a big hit on that one!!
  23. That one for 550k did start at 650k or there abouts along time ago! so not much sense after all. I have heard from a relaible source that the overland road residence did sell for 500k (from EA involved, but who knows)
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