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  1. http://www.johnfrancis.co.uk/Details/Any/26085746/2 Lol wtf
  2. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/32687821
  3. yeah but look at the state of it! would likely need 200k to update it! everything would need to be replaced and some remodelling wouldn't go a miss
  4. thinking about putting in an offer for this http://www.homesonview.co.uk/Scripts/ShowProperty.asp?css=&CompanyID=JNFSMUMB&AgencyID=JNFSMUMB&ID=JKP27961 any thoughts? or any negatives you can think of?
  5. still no bites http://www.simpsonsproperty.co.uk/fe_property/property_details.asp?property_id=1893
  6. these look ok for the money? http://www.homesonview.co.uk/Scripts/ShowProperty.asp?css=&CompanyID=JNFSMUMB&AgencyID=JNFSMUMB&ID=JKP21070 any thoughts?
  7. a sizable loss?? http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/29758125?search_identifier=0b52c7420c00c557c37bd347270fc03a Bought for 950k - add stamp duty etc etc and the cost of a large extention and full refurb , I think given that this is still on the market having dropped 100k a large loss is looming!
  8. sounds about right to me, I had a nose down mary twill and the exterior finish in my po is not up to much, pebble dash effect and wooden boards that will look worn in no time, interesting to see how much they will reduce them by
  9. plenty of the houses left in the mary twill lane development should anyone want to spent about 850k on a redrow home with no views! I don't think they have sold quite as well as the developers might have hoped.
  10. that's more like it! doom and gloom, ye ha!
  11. good to see some activity on here, I was beginning to think all was well in Swansea! does not appear much is selling - quite a few price reductions needed to get things shifted by the looks of it
  12. you are kidding! http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/27792715
  13. yes what a joke, just look at those bedrooms!! Still, must be the agent was rubbish, cant be anything to do with the price now can it!!??
  14. western mail property mag today features one of those in the clyne castle development for 550k.What they dont say is that they could barely get rid of the bigger nicer ones for 400k recently!
  15. yes, West Cross Lane in umm Mayals, interesting spin.Drove past it yesterday living room window about 15 feet from a very busy road with spped bumps opposite school, no thanks!
  16. this one has got to be one of the most eye wateringly insane peices of delusion i have seen for a while http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/17045867?search_identifier=6e4cff8ae0b06a27bcdb0d7611f9ea37
  17. all good examples of insanity, in particular that one in sketty for 330k - no hope!! pmsl hahaha fxxxing idiots
  18. SOLD! WTF!!! http://www.homesonview.co.uk/Scripts/ShowProperty.asp?css=&CompanyID=JNFSMUMB&AgencyID=JNFSMUMB&ID=JKP15722
  19. yes no suprise re that one in Langland, i posted about that one not so long ago - it was sold at about 550k 2 - 3 years ago, the price will drop yet further, mark my words
  20. ha ha ha pmsl http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002400270&CURRENCY=GBP
  21. yep thats a joke. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/26809824 nice but no privacy, i would imagine you would feel a right spud on that balcony with everyone in the car park looking at you, also terribly noisy with all the cars in low gear going up brynfield,hardly quiet and relaxing,nice view though.
  22. yep, my sentiments exactly, i will sit back and wait with loot in the bank! the crash is coming! ye ha
  23. looking at a loss - went for 385k in 2008 http://www.gowercoastproperties.com/property_search/index.asp?WCI=Particular&WCE=002384866&CURRENCY=GBP
  24. see above - was on the market for ages
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