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  1. Well we made it, took 24 hours door to door, thankfully I managed to catch a few zzz's on the uneventful flight across the pond. I picked up a car from Hertz @ Heathrow, plugged in my GPS and away we went. The roads were OK seeing as how it was Sunday, not much traffic but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in speed. I had to keep checking my speed thinking that I'd dropped below the posted limit, where it said 40 I did 40 {that doesn't win you any friends}, same in the 60 and 70 mph zones only to see folks rattle past at 90 mph or more, even where there were warning of speed camera
  2. Er - wow. Thanks for the info. Can't say enough about Canada to be honest, it's been good to us and to Millions of other, as mentioned Canada takes in at least 250,000 immigrants each and every year, all of whom have to qualify though, you have to have skills or education that Canada needs, but on the other side of the coin those who get here move through the ranks faster than they would have done "back home". There's no old school tie or anchor on your career if you have {say} a Lancashire {or other regional} accent, in fact if you have an accent it make you a bit of a celebrity over here, i
  3. Although Cornwall & Devon are the focus of our search nowhere is off the map, so Dorset won't be a non runner. I'll do a Google on the towns mentioned above, thanks for the nod in that direction. As for history, I like stuff like that, puts us in touch {almost} with our heritage. There's a lot of good things you can say about Canada, but history is thin on the ground, and the culture is still developing. The fact of it is, there's pubs in England older than {what you might call} the recorded history of humans in Canada. Bob.
  4. Hello Swissy... As mentioned in earlier posts it's an emotional decision rather than a logical/rational decision, one that we will have to be careful we don't live to regret. As for what Canada is like, well {where to start}, we have lived in 4 of the 10 Provinces, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and for the last 20 years or so in Nova Scotia. Hard to describe what Canada is like as there's so much of it, not just the 5 and a half time zones but although many folks think of Canada being "up North" most Canadians live on a Latitude that is approximately the same as the South of France, a
  5. Thanks for the links, some good/interesting stuff there including the flood plain thing, you tend to forget about that problem when you've been away from home as long as we have. Bob.
  6. Took early retirement this year {age 62 then}, not as fit as I used to be, but I still run 5k most days, used to run cross country years ago but quit that when I turned 50, I can still run but it don't look as "graceful" these days Other than that although fishing and sailing is my main event these days we do a fair bit of hiking, I might be out of warranty , and maybe you can't get the parts anymore, but I'm hoping there's a bit left in the engine yet. I'd like the small village thing, but the wife wants a place with a bus route {to the shops, sigh}, so a bigger place like Truro or maybe
  7. I have never lived in Cornwall just been there on holidays. Understood... I'm just surprised that anyone living in a resource rich and financially better off country like Canada would move to the debt ridden UK. As above, I hear where you are coming from. Canada is a good country where a working/blue collar bloke can expect to have a standard of living equal to that of a Dr or Lawyer, or the like in the UK. One thing you can say about Canada is "you don't need to be a Millionaire to live like one over here". The cost of living is relatively low yet the standard of living is very high. As
  8. Willdo {re what we think of it all}, as for the house here, well, we won't be selling it until we're sure about moving back to the UK. Have to ask [seeing as there's been a few concerns brought up}, I'm guessing that the concerns are about the UK in general rather than the SW ? and that the concerns are down to anti social behavior ? Bob.
  9. Hmmm, I see what you mean, the thing is, after reading in here and elsewhere about what goes on at auctions it's put me off to say the least. Add to that we are really looking for something in walk in condition, too old these days to be up and down ladders all day, building a dream home for the next buyers benefit Getting excited now, we'll be there in just 4 days time... Bob.
  10. Thanks for the above PM, appreciated, I'll run me ruler over the pair of them Bob.
  11. Hello Editha, Edmonton hey, I guess you'd notice a difference between winter where you are and the temps in Cornwall or Devon, come to think of it Inverness would look sub tropical Thanks for the tip re Rightmove, I've just been to check it out, seems to be a good place to check out what's on the market and if the asking is legit. The West Country has a lot to offer, although we have focused on Cornwall & Devon I can't say that Somerset or Dorset are out of the running. I guess you have noticed how the Cnd $ had gone up sharply against the GBP, around 35% in the last couple of years
  12. I hear you, if it didn't work out we could always head back to Canada, we've been Canadian Citizens for over 25 years, so no problem on that front. As for currency deals we have worked with XE.com beats the hell out of the rates the banks offer. How long have you been in the UK ? are you in the SW ? Bob. PS... we will be arriving this Sunday, staying for a couple of months to check the area out, staying initially in Porth Mawgan.
  13. Thanks for the above re the traffic and the chavs, with a bit of luck we'll be able to avoid both of them, for the most part. Odd how the words are the same, but when the local radio stations here are reporting a traffic jam on one of the harbour bridges or Barrington Street, but the fact of it is, I've seen more cars at ASDA ! It helps being retired, we aren't obliged to rush anywhere and when the crowds turn up in summer time chances are we would be somewhere else, adding to some other poor beggars dementia as they try to get to work Right now it's between Truro & Exeter, with a coupl
  14. Muskoka hey, you're a long way from home !!! In the near 30 years that we've been in Canada we've lived 6 years in Thorold {think St Catharines}, then 2 years in Sorel/Tracy {20 miles downstream from Montreal}, then 1 year in Charlottetown followed by 20 years in HRM {Halifax Regional Municipality}. Like them all, and although your region and Algonquin Park has a lot going for it, as does the rest of Canada I think it's time for us to swim back upstream, can't make a sensible argument for it, just one of those things. I know what you mean about giving it some thought before burning any bri
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