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  1. That's exactly what it looks like if you check the sold prices for the post code. CF63 4BE
  2. Yes, that bit was very interesting, they did manage to keep things going for a few centuries more. Depressing (although unsurprising) that they only did so when there was no other option.
  3. That was a fascinating video. Erm, what's the Daily Mail's angle on it?
  4. Not the local roads, they come out of council tax. Still, fair play if you walked 5 miles to use the library.
  5. Yes, I think I get what you mean, but there's a huge gap between investors choosing where they invest excess cash, and a worker choosing where to invest a much more scarce resource (i.e. his/her labour.) Yes
  6. I think I voted with my feet without even realising it at the time. Not sure I buy into the whole anti-BBC thing, but it did dawn on me a little while ago that if I was watching news it would always be Channel 4.
  7. I agree with your general thrust, WP. Except for that bit. I think it should say "They should." I don't think they do.
  8. Surely it's because they personally don't have to face the full consequences of the business failing.
  9. And I bet they load the boot up with food and drink before setting out, thereby not spending much at all in the village shop when they visit
  10. The Chinese population in Cardiff is booming too. And it's not the HK Chinese. We have 2 new Chinese supermarkets in the Roath/Cathays area, a Sichuan restaurant and a Northern Chinese restaurant. Both of those the real deal - one menu for all, and plenty of the more obscure parts of the pig available.
  11. I can afford, and sometimes want to buy, gadgets. My family cannot, or won't feel, the need. I know lots of people poorer than that. Other than that, I enjoy the benfits of a ton of free stuff that somebody else funded. Take that out of the equatiion and my eInk device is just another variant on the latest iPod. Another way to consume the latest media. I can't help thinking of Marie Antionette. Let them eat cake. Edited for a greengrocer's apostrophe.
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