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  1. The comments under the article would have a guardianistas head spinning so fast it would fall off.
  2. Lets just say that a large motor manufacturer based in the midlands regularly advertise for jobs with rates anything from 50% to 60% of the going rate for the particular job. No body who can do the job would apply for these positions at that rate, hey presto, the UK does not have enough skilled people, can we have some more visas please. The change in the workforce over the last 25 years is staggering, the technical centres are like foreign countries.
  3. The agent that looks after my rental have just put their fee's up to £100 (from 90) so that they can get me to sign a photocopied rental agreement for six months. It has to be paid in cash as well, makes you wonder if the taxman knows.....
  4. Just had an email from HMRC regarding my flat rate VAT scheme, it looks like I'll be classed as a limited cost business because I have low overheads. I think this will affect all contractors both IT and Engineering. Just another straw.
  5. It is my opinion that the housing market is not broken. The finance market however, is a shambles. The access to credit should be regulated much more thoroughly, if you allow idiots to borrow they will.
  6. That surely has to be a teaser for a new sitcom. The costumes are too perfect, from the anarchic one that thinks hes Che Guevara (lets call him Rick), to the good looking lady(but probably not too bright) and then the loud shouty one that is really a bit of a coward (lets call this one Vivian) and finally the sort of androgynous one that is probably a bit wet (Called Neil perhaps).
  7. Looking at it on street view the image date is October 2011. Guess what? There is a for sale sign outside....
  8. The situation we have in Coventry at the moment is that pretty much all the historical factory sites have been bulldozed and turned into housing estates. Jaguar land-rover want to build a new factory locally, on greenbelt, but cannot because, according to what I have heard from a JLR engineer, it will take three years to get the electricity infrastructure in place to power the plant. So instead of using the factory sites that used to have housing around them and good transport links and industrially capable power lines, we have turned them into housing estates and now we have to build any new industrial sites on the greenbelt that people need cars to get to because they are away from the city bus routes. it just seems totally a-rse about face to me.
  9. Next has lost the plot, most of the stuff I have bought there in the last two years has had to go back. The quality has been abysmal, and the variance in size between two identically spec'ed pairs of jeans was several inches. I have even had a pair of jeans with two different inside leg measurements, the left leg was at least an inch and a half shorter. Its just a warehouse for cheaply manufactured Chinese junk (at English prices).
  10. Am I showing my age by remembering when interest rates were raised to help lower the balance of trade deficit? Make the plebs mortgage go up a bit to stop them spending so much on imported tat. It just shows what a mess everything is that they cannot even do that now.
  11. Shouldn't this garbage be in the SJW thread in off topic?
  12. I've got a mate like that, Union rep for the firemen. 2 BTL's in Wales. Everything is Fatchers fault, Scargill and Bob Crow are up there with mother Theresa, management are the enemy. Has absolutely no idea what S.24 or Basel regulations are, when I tried to explain just started shouting at me that I was jealous.
  13. Whilst I lived in the states 2003-2009, before the big crash the amount of tv commercials advertising what we would call equity withdrawal was astonishing. Given that something like the Simpsons will have five ad breaks per program, it was almost a bombardment. Needless to say they stopped almost the instant Lehman brothers went pop. I still think it was re-mortgaging that caused the GFC as much as the ninja loans. Fingers crossed it has the same effect over here. (It was similar but more intense than all the 'we buy any gold' type ads in the uk a few years ago.
  14. Only ten days, thats not 'bad', last time I called my GP's surgery it was three weeks for an appointment. When I called to make an appointment with the nurse to have dressings changed post surgery it was a total no go, the two nurses were both on holiday at the same time and there wasn't any available appointments for the foreseeable...I had to wait in the walk in clinic, which bizarrely starts the day (at 8am) with a two hour waiting time.
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