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  1. Combined hats almost as much silver as JPM has got in it's vault!
  2. excellent, been busy with my new blog(http://madgoldspreadtrader.blogspot.com/) hadn't even noticed. (bit of self promomtion there) my, the missus will be happy
  3. I have a nice feeling about gold and silver going forward now. I bought the alot of gold in 2009 paid 600per oz delivered, the same broker now asks 1000. just a bit longer and that would have doubled,tee hee, and don't even talk about silver thats more than doubled, making me very happy Wonder how many 'property investors' have doubled their money in 2 years? Alot of new all time highs going forward. tee hee....tee hee hee....hee hee HEE!
  4. My link Yesterday, the Daily Express painted a highly positive picture of the housing market with a front page headline that screamed: "House prices up £67 a day". But its report, based on the Halifax house price index for June 2011, failed to point out that prices were down 3.5% year-on-year. Moreover, it quoted a housing specialist who claimed "all the house price data is quite clearly showing that the overall trend is one of positive growth since the end of last year." This is false. Not all house price data points to a positive trend since December 2010, and not all house price indices a
  5. Checked it a few hours ago and just checked it again to show the misses, for a laugh, and they pulled it! House has been 'removed, maybe sold blah blah' maybe they read HPC forum and realised the error. Glad I aint trying to sell that albatross.
  6. In same position, could buy a house now easily but are waiting till next year, maybe the year after. . Financial bubbles pop quickly as they are 'liquid' like the nasdaq bubble or dot com bubble, push a button or call your broker and your out. Houses are highly 'iliquid' it can take years to get shot of a depreciating house as owners refuse to face the loss, as a result housing markets deflate often slowly, at lest far slower than a financial bubble. Patience is required, this market is in the process of crashing, second leg after the dead cat bounce underway, we all know that. Looking for 20%
  7. good place to keep track of gold and silver news: http://preciousmetalsnews.blogspot.com/
  8. its company initials are LCFR LuCiFeR http://www.lcfr.co.uk/en/londres/presentation/presentation.asp You couldn't make it up.
  9. Yes I think they were worth a punt based on MACD but technicals is just an aid you can't trade just on them alone you must understand the fundamentals of the stock your buying but also the larger macro economic picture and trend. Buy the dips, everything is backstopped http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jllJ-HeErjU
  10. Yes I use MACD in conjunction with RSI Volume and EMA, 12/26/9 is the one I use also. Forget about reading up on the rational about it. I tried that and promptly forgot it 10 mins later, so long as you know when something is oversold or overbought and when the signal line crossses the trend line the trend is changing you'll be fine. I use the 15 and 30 min chart on a daily basis, the daily every now and then just to get a bigger picture and then use the 1 min chart to time an entry. Works for me.
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