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  1. It's a 37.5 hr week so they'll be ok for 6 weeks. My sources say the temporary shutdown is going to be 3 or 4 weeks, solid info should come tomorrow. Strange how employment is virtually destroyed in Swindon yet EA's still price houses at 2007 levels and above, how does that work then ? Any ideas anyone ?
  2. Honda operates a working time account for all of it's workforce which allows any associate to take paid time off and then effectively owe the company hours (up to -250) which are then paid back hour by hour. From what I've been told the system works fairly well, in any case a lot of Honda parts come from Japan which is pretty fecked at the moment, no point in having 3000 workers in when they can't build anything!
  3. Swindon ain't so bad, sure there's the rough parts same as all other towns & city's. There's not a huge crime rate and it doesn't have a huge drug culture, it is true to say that the town centre's a shithole though. House prices are high, local EA's refuse to take any notice of the 18% drop that south west house prices have seen since the peek of 2007. There is a brand new development right next to the M4 called Wichelstowe which I'm told has been completely overrun with social housing, now this shouldn't normally be a problem but when I hear of some families refusing to put their children into the local school because of some of the local children you have to question what's going on. The house prices alone are enough to put me off, I've been here since 95 and I'm now looking to get out...
  4. I'm enjoying this, she's exposing EA's for the shit's that they are. Fantastic ...!
  5. Class, pure class. We all love the horse shit descriptions the shit head EA's spout from their lying mouths.
  6. If nothing has been signed then it ain't worth the paper it's printed on. Personally I don't give a rats ass about EA's, I recently put a letter through someone's door to try and buy their house without any involvement of the agent they are using, it didn't work as they are in cuckoo land (2007 price) but that's not the point, I don't care if the agents details says "viewing strictly through agent". EA's have no morals, should us buyers or sellers ?
  7. Money split into different institutions paying monthly interest with instant access. I can't see a more risk free way of keeping money but I'm not an FA either. I am looking for my next home but not in a rush to blow everything I've worked hard for.
  8. Got mine in savings accounts but then I'm not sure about all the other options, I just wanted something risk free, others on here will say I'm losing money due to savings rates being so crap and they'd be 100% right....! OK hpc gang, what's the options for us ?
  9. I had another wonderful experience with a local EA on Thursday. A new house had just come on the books with them, it hadn't got onto rightmove at the time I just happened to drive past it on the way to taking my other half to the hospital. I called in just before 9 in the morning,, spoke to a lifeless looking character about this house, he started telling me how wonderful it was, after 30 seconds or so I asked him if he had been in there and he said he hadn't. Wow, fantastic start! Anyway I persisted and explained that I wanted to have a look at it but it had to be that very morning as my other half was in having an operation and I was expecting to get a call from the hospital in the afternoon to go and collect her. They call me back at about 1 in the afternoon, "can you make it at 3 the EA asks ?". I think to myself do people have to pay these fecking idiots just to put their houses on rightmove, do they really really have to put up with utter incompetence ? I go on and tell him what I had already explained 4 hours earlier, he then says tomorrow ? Yes no problem, but I work until 1 so it has to be after that. He calls me back an hour later, "can you make 11:30 he says ?" Now, call me picky, but is this EA stupid or does he not understand that 11:30 is actually before 13:00. I did think about going round with a clock and going through it with them all but decided it really wasn't worth the effort. I told him I was working, he started to rattle on so I cut in and told him I'd get back to them to arrange something another time. I won't be making arrangements to see this house, I'm not willing to deal with these retards, I'm going to sit back and wait a little longer in my little rented place. As my boss would say 'FU*K EM'
  10. Not a great fan of west Swindon Ozz, wrong side of town for me to get to work. I did look see the ash brake house when it first came on the market, still think Dewhurst have overpriced considering it needs updating (kitchen/bathrooms etc). That's probably why the current owners are moving, they don't fancy the 15k bill to bring it kicking and screaming into 2010 !!!
  11. I paid £25 each for my tickets which is the cheapest i've even paid. It was abnormally quiet everywhere in Cardiff yesterday, even the train back to Swindon was quiet, I guess everyone is finding it difficult at the mo Oh yeah, more like £29 after ticket master had added their fees (crooks)
  12. I walked past one of the 'big shot' Swindon EA's yesterday afternoon, I stopped briefly to look at the overpriced tat in their window that hasn't changed in months, almost choked when I read the glossy add that said 'now is the best time to buy' (yeah course it is mate) and then noticed that there was just 1 dipstick in there behind her desk happily playing on her iPhone, no customers, just her and 6 other empty desks. What a wonderful sight, the more the slug like EA's suffer the better, serves the unqualified, moral shy shits right for milking the housing market dry for a decade!!
  13. I'm looking in the Abbey Meads/St Andrews Ridge area at the mo, I want a decent 3 bed detatched or maybe even a 4 if it's priced where it should be. Everything in this area that's currently available is marketed at peek 2007 prices, some are even above that. I took a 20K hit when I sold my last house in May, I had to take that hit as in my view the market had droppped that much since I bought it in July 2007. Of course we have the local bunch of unqualified dipstick EA's (Michael Tuck, Dewhurst & Co, take a bow) slapping massive valuations on everthing just to get the instruction, it's crazy...
  14. Yes Ozz I am, though not from Swindon area and am considering other options. Totally fed up with the attitude of local EA's with their ******** valuations on properties that just won't sell. Don't know what to do next !
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