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  1. In my neck of the woods (PE29) there seems to be influx of rental properties, sometimes sold with tenants, marketed at circa 20K lower than usual asking price. Needless to say they go within 2 days. Someone wants to offload quickly. One month ago there was nothing in the lower price bracket, and just new build rabbit hutches with shared equity in the higher bracket. Change of attitude perhaps?
  2. Thanks zebbedee As for why I'm getting s21 notices - perhaps I choose cheaper houses which accidental LLs are tempted to sell as they don't pay enough as rentals. Also I have the cheek to report disrepair, therefore I am a problem tenant ....
  3. I have just been at the cops and the duty sergeant was adamant that its not a police's matter, that it's all between me and ll, that I need a solicitor and when I wanted to raise complaint he produced a pen and a piece of shabby paper telling he will deal with it and he won't give me any referencing number, just his contact details, so I got mad and left...
  4. Wouldn't it be okay if I just drilled the lock out too? Or should I wait till cops make it an issue? How long does it take for cops to.act in such situations?
  5. Do I fall in the last category, guy who doesn't pay the rent? If your landlord wants you to leave the property then in some circumstances he or she may be able to change the locks, but you should be given reasonable notice before they do. Your landlord can do this if: You share facilities such as a kitchen or bathroom with your landlord; Your landlord lives in the same building and you share facilities with a member of your landlord's family; You're living in your accommodation for a holiday; You're a hotel guest; You do not pay any rent for your accommodation. If you do not fit into one of the above groups and your landlord wants you to leave, it is important your landlord follows the correct process in order to evict you by: asking you to leave; getting a court order; or using bailiffs to evict you. Ultimately, this could lead to the locks being changed by the bailiffs if they evict you. It could be that your landlord is trying to evict you illegally. Illegal eviction is a serious civil and criminal offence. If you think your landlord may be trying to evict you illegally, or has already done so, it's important you seek advice immediately from a local advice service.
  6. Does it apply even if I owed them 2 months rent? I found it somewhere that in thus case changing locks may be legal
  7. I have already been at the police station and they told me this is a landlord-tenant dispute and advised me to take all paperwork and go to CAB, I don't even know where paperwork is now, and its very hard to get an appointment at CAB here...
  8. I have already been at the police station and they told me this is a landlord-tenant dispute and advised me to take all paperwork and go to CAB, I don't even know where paperwork is now, and its very hard to get an appointment at CAB here...
  9. I have told them I was in the course of moving but there are delays as I couldn't hire a van. I got served S21 notice months ago, but only found suitable house recently. Nobody ever told me they were going to change locks
  10. Hello I was in the course of moving out and some stuff is still inside the house when the LL or LA changed locks and put a notice that they believed house was abandoned. They knew I had no way of moving stuff quickly as I could not get a van and carry stuff in my car only. Was it legal for them to do it without court order? I am in 2 months rent arrears
  11. yes, I keep paying the rent and the market apparently is dead as a dodo. They keep pressing me to move out regardless. If I wanted to pull the trick with accepting the asking price, what costs would I have to bear? would it be worthwhile at all?
  12. it will be more likely 4-6 weeks, then if you dont move out another 2 for LL to arrange eviction through bailiffs , and only if the LL acts quickly. Call the local county court pretending you are the landlord and have such a tenant as yourself they will tell you the exact times
  13. Hi thanks for coming up with an idea to wind up the evil LL what cost would I have to bear then? will it really invalidate the s21 notice? I am already well past its expiry Zac
  14. I am not denying that the LL should get it back and do whatever he wants, but do you guys think I could ask for extra time for moving as we were negotiating purchase till the very last? there is virtually nothing on market right now here, apart form unafordable mansions or houses unfit for human habitation
  15. I actually like the house and negotiated purchase , but as I am not willing to pay the silly price they demand (15 k higher than larger and newr houses in the same area) the negotiations fell through last Thursday only. Until them I was not sure whether I will have to move out at all. do you guys think it will give me some leverage if it comes to the court? like landlord stopping me from moving by potential sale?
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