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  1. i dont think so the centralists continue to plan the one world currency and when they think the time is right it will be put forward as the only way of solving the financial crisis
  2. dont worry im sure they will start a good war to sort it out and distract attention
  3. you should have put it away on your trip to the bar
  4. i have to admit this con has lasted longer than i expected it to
  5. i think Antals point is if someone was receiving 5% on their 100k and the fed artificially is able to reduce rates to 1% then that person is now receiving 1k on their capital as opposed to 5k and from a cash flow perspective their capital is worth less as it is generating a lower return thereby the FED are destroying capital by lowering interest rates
  6. who knows it could happen - unlikely though - three or four would be my guess but these would/could change - if someone starts hoarding all the copper then it would cease to be used as a currency there may even be some digital credits if enough people trusted them
  7. it would be a bit of a struggle - would be better not to bother and leave it to the market
  8. who says its the greater good more examples of a brainwashed population please
  9. you cant doesnt stop a lot of people trying though, or give the impression that they are trying to control prices
  10. people put their confidence in bits of paper that they think are worth something - it works for a while as other people also believe that those bits of paper are worth something
  11. i just wanted to fight the daleks i should have said keynesians and monetarists - but i didnt know of them at the time and only learned of their existence later
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