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  1. yep hyperinflation - paper money implodes as enough people see the con game for what it is it is not caused due to an increase in economic activity and yet most of those arguing against hyperinflation state that we cant have it due to the excess capacity they should check out hyperinflations that have happened previously
  2. inflation in stuff we need deflation in stuff bought with borrowed money( for a while anyway) and Merv only worries about wage inflation - all part of the plan to make the masses have less money
  3. f em bring down the criminal banking system its the only way things are going to get changed
  4. its always the same with inflation every time in ******ing history people need to wake the ****** up
  5. maybe he has got a job at the council of foreign relations
  6. those nasty Muslims, who do they think they are competing against the bankers http://www.muamalahcouncil.com/news/34-gen...2th-august.html
  7. who could pay out on the options if we get hyper-inflation - if hes doing that he's clueless
  8. get ready then IMF plan crash all currencies and then offer the only solution except it is far from the only solution and alternative currencies will win otherwise we starve link
  9. we're hoping and we're trying we made need some arrows though, but not paper ones
  10. the original man changed his mind all the time, spouted aboslute nonsense with the occassional correct observation and some wit paradox of thrift crumpling towels war digging ditches governments saving money when they dont have any bancor world currency (yep they are going to try it) credit expansion can turn stones into bread
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