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  1. those nasty Muslims who do they think they are trying to avoid paying tribute to the bankers link
  2. maybe noone knows when the moment will arrive - even if they think they do and even if they think they are in charge link
  3. tis about time that bubble burst hope it takes sky and murdoch down at the same time
  4. they cant afford this the banks are bust and cant sustain a fall in their favourite asset more money printing will be forthcoming anyone riding out this correction holding £'s is a fool
  5. Regulators always make things worse they give the sheep the illusion of safety though - and that is what its all about
  6. and to hide the fact that the country is bust for a bit longer what did they do with the money
  7. No one is more of a slave than the one, who considers himself to be free, without being it.
  8. if competing currencies are allowed - Greshams Law still stands - which is why no-one is ever going to get that through parliament - it will happen from the ground up and already is happening
  9. yep the controllers dont like free markets - when didnt it work and when was it tried inefficiency dont think so - thefts and violence would reduce though you appear to want to replace one set of controllers with another - that may well be an improvement but it isnt the best solution why is forced taxation necessary
  10. who funded him who is he related to is it all part of the plan - more control for a select few
  11. whats wrong with a free market in money tinkering with the current system seems pretty pointless to me
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