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  1. cheers

    maybe one day enough people will see who benefits from wars, booms & busts etc

  2. the left/right debate is a charade - the same small group of people are in charge regardless of whether there is a left wing or right wing government a lot of energy is wasted by both sides its a game people need to wake up connect the dots follow the money read an unbiased view of history
  3. who benefits from the chaos when you dig deeper the same names keep appearing yes i know there are many idiots involved as well but we are being played some of the wierdo's think they are better than the Goyim - human farming indeed
  4. sounds good dont think the politicians dare though - or they are bought and paid for
  5. prefer this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5sDKwMP6Pc or another person who was right long before Schiff
  6. not to some CEO's ive gotta be able to make some money the world is full of idiots link
  7. thats when it accelerated the problems go much further back than that
  8. yep i dont think they should have put on the twin towers though - what about the third tower
  9. hmm dont think we will start hearing the media talking about abolishing central banks and allowing competing currencies ground up solutions needed link
  10. Hmm someone doesnt wish for many to see that the crisis was planned why the move away from house prices and the economy
  11. http://www.oftwominds.com/blogaug09/KaPoom2CHS.htm
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