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  1. If the indebted countries try to inflate their way out of debt, but wage inflation does not keep up with price inflation, then surely this will just make the situation worse. Can anyone explain how wages will be inflated in an economy where businesses are struggling, inflation reduces profit margin and there is lots of extra capacity due to high unemployment???
  2. 31, work in the City £60k salary, £110k in the bank, live with partner in her flat (only charges me £200 per month on basis I'm saving for a house). With savings and salary I'm looking at a £350k max mortgage. Most people would think I'm sorted. The reality is that I'm saving hard and going to stretch myself financially for the next 25 years for a semi-detached hovel on the north London/herts border. Still I'm in better financial shape than anyone else I know my age. And yet all I can afford is a hovel )-:
  3. As someone who lives on the border of North London and Hertfordshire my honest reaction is GOOD!!!!!
  4. Tankus Why is this good? While I have no wish to see anybody suffer I (and many others) have had to endure years of injustice. While we have been sensible and played by the rules our dreams of home ownership have been destroyed by interest only mortgages, liar loans, reckless banks, scumlord BTL, amoral estate agents and various other vested interests. Furthermore we have had to endure smug homeowners lording it over us in their over inflated hovels and enjoying wealth and a lifestyle they often do not deserve and have not earned. Now it is turning in our favour,it's a buyers market and we should milk it. Ruthlessly low offers, gazundering or simply sitting back and watching the whole house of cards collapse. Bring on the crash! I've been waiting a decade for this!
  5. Unfortunately the majority of the voting public are morons, more interested in Eastenders and the X-Factor than a sober analysis of our economic problems. Furthermore the vast growth in media and "information", inane 24 hour rolling news, has simply confused ill-informed voters who can't see the wood for the trees. As a result politicans resort to soundbites and spin to get their "message" across. Are Labour to blame for most of our economic problems? Absolutely. Does the majority of the electorate understand why or care enough to find out? No. Welcome to Great Britain 2010
  6. Absolutely spot on. Keep the faith and bring on the crash!
  7. Those images are cruelly mocking a poor innocent young woman who simply wanted to achieve her dream of buying a trendy home, but instead bought a vastly over-priced property at the height of the housing bubble. Absolutely hilarious!!!
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