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  1. Thanks very much to all the the replies. I wish the ones who said run would explain further!! I thought if I'm payin 4k a yr on rent (wasted money); I could pay what the seller wants now as that may be all I might save in a yrs time, if that makes any sense; unless someone out there knows better which I guess there would be as I'm no good at this game. Thanks again...
  2. Hi All, Looking to buy prop. at 104k; have 50k deposit. Rent paying at the moment is 340/month which goes up once in a yr according to RPI. Mortgage if taken with HSBC (1.69 + Boe RATE= 2.19%) works out under 300/month. Its a housing Assn prop so has to be valued at time of purchase (full market value) which I had done towards end of Sep. Would you wait; get another valuation or go ahead with purchase now?? Thanks in advance.
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