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  1. Interesting that this thread died within 24 hours. I would have thought it was important to HPC that there is a capable politician like Vince Cable who holds views that are so similar to our own. To have someone who can raise these matters in the House of Commons and who writes articles on the subject that get printed by the Telegraph must surely be important for us. A chance to be represented politically but we seem to have dismissed Vince Cable for simply being a Lib Dem?. We should be debating how we can get Vince Cable to be our public voice and champion the cause. He is after all the T
  2. Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!!. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with Gal Bear's post.
  3. I think the statistics will show it is unlikely to happen on a Saturday night because that just wouldn't be nice as the banks won't be open on Sunday. But could it happen in the early hours of Monday morning I wonder?.
  4. Sledgehead, Wish I had seen your post before sending mine. I notice from the table that the average price went down in August, how does that correlate with a 0.1% increase I wonder?
  5. These year forecasts do give a false impression. Even if prices were currently going no where, the percentage for the year could still look high. i.e. an earlier forecast for 2004 could have been 20% based on the rate of increase at that time. Even if the forecast growth was zero in the last 3 months of the same year they can still claim an expected growth of 15% for the year. Some people reaing such a statistic may assume it means prices are currently rising at the rate of 15% per year. Even the wording "House prices still expected to grow by 15% in 2004" is very misleading because "st
  6. Bruno, Okay prices are set by buyers but it still takes a descision on the part of the seller to accept a huge and immediate reduction. My main point is how can prices fall 70% overnight. You think the seller will accept that?
  7. Bruno. How can prices fall 70% overnight?. What in your mind is going to make the sellers do that. Will they just wake up one morning and say I know what will help sell the house....We'll reduce the price by 70%!
  8. I also think very low offers are worth a go if the property has not sold for a long time, but whilst very low offers of say –20% or –30% are very likely to be rejected out of hand at this point in the cycle what choice do you have?. You certainly can’t offer more that you think its worth, or more accurately what you believe it may be worth in say 2 or 3 years time assuming there will be a major correction. It is difficult to pre judge the market, so in my opinion unless you have a compelling reason to buy now, would it not be better to wait and see. Even a bargain price now may turn out to ha
  9. The Hometrack survey for August shows a monthly drop in average national prices of -0.1% (-0.3% in London), This is small of course but perhaps more significant at this stage is that they report 4.0% less new buyers, a drop in agreed sales of –2.1% and the percentage of asking price achieved dropped to 94.9%. My question to the forum is whether these surveys are an accurate measure of what is really happening in the market. Hometrack claim theirs is ‘The UK’s most in depth housing market survey by far’ and they don’t seem to shy away from reporting the negative – or is it a case of trying to
  10. Thanks for the feed back. You all make good points and I now live in hope that FTB's will stay well away until the bottom arrives (or is perceived to arrive). But I still wonder what efect a flood of BTL proprties will have on the market. In theory it would just serve to increase supply and with limited buyer interest prices would be forced down even further, I hope so, but it will be a new dimension compared to previous crashes which might change the normal sequence of events?.
  11. I believe a crash is coming, but I am wondering if the correction will reach its full potential. Ironically I am concerned about the flood of BTL properties that is likely to be coming on the market. Initially the placing of these BTL props will help the crash, but I am wondering how far will prices have to fall before the many potential FTB's waiting in the wings will feal it is time to take the oppurtunity to jump in and buy these ex BTL properties. When that happens will it not create a market at the bottom end that will sustain the rest?. For example, FTB's may start to show interest when
  12. Tried to sell our last house with a nice 50x80 mm add in the property section of the local weekly paper (with a photo as well) but got a zero responce. After 4 weeks gave up and gave it to an agent at same price and had 3 viewings straight away, one of which led to a sale. Most buyers and sellers just feal more confortable using an agent as it has just become the norm. During the sale we had some issues coming out of the buyers survey which the buyer wanted to take full advantage of by way of price reductions and we did find it easier to negotiate through the agent rather than direct as it
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