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  1. I agree with your point about the champagne socialists and there ruining of clarkes hard toil for tax exemption for classic cars. But cant help but feel that you have overlooked that we are flooded with scum thanks to that **** major and his great idea we should all be inflicted with the sham of europe. To be honest I cant think of anything good apart from the tax exemption that major and co achieved infact I think that majors head should be on the railings at the tower of london after all he did commit high treason.
  2. It will put it up. Mine went up £60 a year when i told them I was a renting scummer lol. So I then told them i was a owner and it went down again dont see how it makes any difference to my driving and wouldnt stand up in court to invalidate my cover. Infact ive never had an accident but my mate who owns a mortgage wrecks two cars a year on average but I guess its all the mad rush to get to work to keep the bankers and goverment in pay and be a good little homowner that make his driving a little manic Meantime I can cruise at my own pace knowing that while i may not have all that much its all mine and I dont owe anyone a penny
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    LOL me a labour mp I dont think so I wouldnt vote for any of the shites all the same as each other. The puppeters never change just differant puppets get voted in every few years or so the only way to tell them apart is colour of there tie. I think the op has summed up how a fair amount of younger people feel but unless there is a major change and people start standing up for themselves nothing is going to change. This has been seen many times over I dont think ive ever meet anyone who likes the fact we are involved in the eu in a big way ie funding it. Its never been put to the vote because they know what the result would be however here we are still paying and still being shafted all because the sheeple have let this happen. Another example of democracy at work i suppose
  4. timmy2000


    Oh how right you are my freind. Give em less and charge em more! dunno though I feel the end may be nigh for things as we know em
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    Tottaly agree with op why should we bend over and take it just because of year of birth. Anyone born in the 80s or after has been royally shafted. I never new till recently that the shits had since 1997 been giving us all downgraded driving licences limited to 3.5 tons and only small trailers etc unlike my dad who could tow anything and drive up to 7.5 and ive been driving his old lorry for over 10 years and been stopped several times and the police have never asked for a licence. Shows how intrested they are I only found out about this when i tried to hire a box lorry to help a freind move . It then turns out if you want a 7.5 ton license you have all the test rubbish then to keep it you have to do some training course every 5 years or you lose it and this costs up to £500 so by the time mervs finised that will be £1000 in no time. Why should we just take this yet another shitstorm served up under another tory goverment and this is crafty because most people would say this dont affect me. But it will one day if you have kids with a hobby that requires somthing towing or just hiring a wagon to move! Anyway back to the subject what we need is a popular peoples movement formed so we can build up large numbers of people then use this leverage to make these arses listen to what we have to say. One thing I know for sure is these people wont stop till they have had the shirt of your back and the pants you walk in off you the only way you stop them is on action but to be honest most young people would only kick off if x factor or defintly essex or whatever it is is was cancelled There was a reson they dulled down and made the last generation thick and politically correct and it for this reason so they could be farmed in this way.
  6. Is this the same ons that i dont think in there whole history have ever got anything right lol. Shall we all go and have a look at there growth forcasts even merv is sharper than them and if he cried wolf I sure wouldnt run so that makes them totaly useless. Also I saw an interview a little while ago with the boss of the ons and the interviewer asked him why they never get anything right and he said it is impossible to predict the future So what is the point of him even being there if he aint got a cystal ball lol. Anybody who losses faith should remember that people who say it will all be better in a few years seem to have missed the fact that nothing has been done to sort this mess out and nothing will be done either because the reality is so grim for the future that no one dare say it they just wait for it to happen then try and blame somone else. There is only one way this is going and that is down the pan.
  7. Oh well each to there own i suppose personly im a lot happier not having sleepless nights s**tting myself about how to pay the mortgage lol I might not not have a lot but its all mine and i dont owe anyone a penny so for me that happiness
  8. The sad part of this destuction of industry is that the young and a fair few old of the middle aged dont even know or care what this all means they just sit back and turn on the xfactor or whatever other rubbish has been put on the lie box for the brainwashed masses to watch. Anyone who belives you can live a normal life in a country which makes nothing is deluded and anyone who thinks that hs2 will do any good is even more deluded it will be just another drain on the taxpayer just like the current iron horse is already non of the parts to make it will even be made here. This country is finished and the more i see the more sure i become that it will never be turned around there are just to many wasters here now who all belive the state owe them a living and have been brought up to belive that manual work is below them and to laugh at the chinese etc for actuly doing somthing and working hard not just sitting on there fat arses hoping that there house goes up 10% a year so they can mew and go on holiday and make a disgrace of themselves abroad. Its time people learned nothing comes without work and soon when the whole system falls apart because lets face it it cant last much longer they will either grasp it or starve to death. Once this happens maybe we can get back to a affordible living and a heathy manufacturing base and the financial services can go to hell were they belong
  9. sounds like a damn good idea to me. Words cannot decribe how i feel to get home from a hard days work to hear that im about to bail out the feckless yet again. I am sick of this rotten island and these faceless figures in power. Infact lets go one better 4get the epetion and just have a coup instead atleast things would get done and to be fair you could put a monkey in charge and still get a better result! oh dear maybe im ready for bed too lol its been 1 of them days
  10. I wouldnt sleep on sterling. It could bust into flames at any moment lol
  11. I hated school and was when i look back now a real pain to all my teachers and everyone else. The year I turned 14 I enrolled to do metal work and machining but that was the year that they decided these trades where not needed and stoped them and pensioned off the teacher who was a great friend and inspuration to me as he had worked in proper industry before becoming a teacher so had life experience. I also came from a family who most of which worked in the craft trades etc. I was expelled from school at 14 and 3 days old for brawling . I went a got a job learning to be an agricutrial fitter and left home and lived in an old farmworkers cottage that was in shocking condition but it only cost £45 a week (nearly all my earnings some things never change lol) and i never went back near a f ing school again in the 15 years that have now passed. I sadly got made redundent at 17 as the boss retired and the downturn caused by the eu farm subsides but i got another job in metal work this time and im now self imployed and doing ok despite all the odds. I think there is no harm in people leaving school when they have job to go to and it is ran properly ie they are not taken advantage of but we all have to learn sometime and hard work never hurt anyone only those afaid of it. Anything would be better than the feckless workshy kids they turn out now who are petrefied at the thought of working for a living and think they deserve not to have to as everyone else owes them a living. As for kids going to uni to learn how to teach ravens to fly under water and the other rubbish courses all that is is a way to keep them off the unemployment figures and get them to pay there own dole till they are well into there twenties hoping they might recover it one day of the few that dont end up with a mc job for the rest of there lives.
  12. Hi All Just wanted to see what the general feeling toward my story below is and Im intrested to see what peoples thoughts are on how where and when it will all come to a crashing end.. 3 years after finishing my apprentiship i at last got a job last year that payed anywhere near the money on offer when i started. Anyway i was so pleased with the much larger wage packet than i had been used to that how much was being was being removed by the lovely inland revenue had passed me by until my first p60 arrived a little while ago. I was horrified to see out of my £28500 earnings i only ever see £19060 So I called on a freind who is an accountant to look at this incase i was being taxed wrong etc. Much to my horror these figures where indeed correct then to make it worse me and him worked out fairly accrutely that after paying income tax then all the other taxes we end up paying then i actuly end up with about 10k to my self then out of that i have to pay my joke rent(south east england) (ex council house brought by my LL for 25k before he inherited his parents 5 bedroom house. Thanks maggie) so I was felling pretty down last weekend so i went out to mow the lawn. Then to make things worse my next door skivers who still have there house for free(council) started telling me that the council just brought them a new mower hoping they might mow there lawn after trying to sell me the mower and telling me that they had been moaning about the extension that was built for them 6 months ago they then went on to tell me that if they bothered to work they would need to earn about 20k per year to have the life they have ie 2 holidays per year 3 bedroom house etc. At this point i felt ill as my house costs over 700 pm is falling down loads of damp etc. what i want is people opinions on how things have got to this without a revulution/working people kicking off and what will in the end bring it down or will this madness carry on unchalenged forever??????????????????
  13. i love this story so much i had to bring it up again its is heartwarming to see this complete **** get what he deserves even if it is a long timeafter he should have lost it anyway does anyone have any updates or news about it? what a fantastic thing to happen to a lying btl s*ithead
  14. i think we are doomed to a life of debt to pay for liebours shortcomings great!!!!!!!!!
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