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  1. As well as price inflation, the quality in the greggs sandwiches seems to have gone down a lot recently. Used to go there for lunch, but after a few sandwiches that I couldn't even finish now go to Tesco or bring in packed lunch.
  2. Americans have got 4 more years of paying for the Obamaphones.
  3. Blonde and blue eyed Elizabeth Warren has paraded herself as a minority and Native Cherokee descent. However, it transpires that she is not a member of the Cherokee tribe and cannot even name a single ancestor who was cherokee. Seems like she may have been trying to get access to affirmative action by the back door.
  4. Hedge funds go long and short, so it is no surprise that one of them has gone short some stocks. A non story really.
  5. At a certain point I got sick of living in rented too. I got sick of btl parasite getting his rent every month and sick of the same old worn out furniture that we had been putting up with. Life is about more than money and the value of your assets, so I just decided to buy. You might have to make compromises on the house that you can afford, but at least you can move on. btw gardening is overrated.
  6. The bookies have Obama down as the clear favourite, so not sure why all the media are making it out to be an even race.
  7. Exactly. Apart from housing, most things are the same price everywhere and many things are more expensive in remote areas such as the highlands of scotland. It is a bit coincidental that the area in which all of the politicians live is also the area that they think deserves special treatment.
  8. Aside from housing related costs, basic living costs are the same in Newcastle as in the South East. Supermarket prices are basically the same, energy prices are the same, minimum wage is the same. Of course, living costs are also higher in remote areas compared to cities.
  9. A few have mentioned a replacement rate of 2.1 kids/ woman. However in reality, to maintain current population, you only need about 1.5 kids per woman, as the life expectancy is increasing by about 1 year for every 4. The Uk has a rate in excess of this so that is one of the reasons for the population increasing.
  10. So another country in which we face restrictions or additional taxes on buying property in their home country, but they are perfectly allowed to buy here. I just hope they dont bother looking outside the M25.
  11. The average woman in many of these countries has 6 kids. Over 4 generations, this leads to an 81 (3*3*3*3) fold increase in population. That sort of population increase was bound to cause problems as their traditional methods of providing food and water dont scale that well.
  12. University staff, especially those closest to the trough want more money shocker.
  13. My guess is that even though they have such a large gender imbalance, less chinese men will end up childless than british men proportionally. This is due to the women over here falling for the charming alpha guys, who will have children with multiple partners, leaving many single mums and many beta guys childless. In China, divorce and children outside of marriage is less common, so this phenomena happens less.
  14. Even less likely to shift it now that they have told everyone how bad it is to live there.
  15. Frustrating that chinese are now looking to buy property outside London now. Foreigners are not allowed to buy in China, so Chinese should not be allowed to buy here.
  16. Given that government spending is included in gdp, higher government spending will end up increasing gdp. However, you cant spend spend spend indefinitely, you have to pay back the loans. The more accurate figure would be some sort of private sector gdp, which is needed to pay for government spending, and it is a shame that this is not looked at so much as the headline gdp.
  17. Im sure the EA would love to pocket the £2,812. As it is, if it remains unsold, the vendor might change agents after a few months, and even if they dont, they will have to do quite a few more viewings before possibly collecting the £3,000. I blame this on the vendor's "im not giving it away" mentality.
  18. So a group which represents the vested interests of the disabled doesn't like it when the system gets a little bit tougher. I would have been very very surprised if they had found the opposite.
  19. This is the case in some other countries, but usually you have to pay insurance separately to cover it.
  20. One of the reasons that the top 100 richest in the UK are getting richer is just that more foreign billionaires and hundred millionaires are buying properties in London and becoming non dom here. If you look at the list of the richest in the UK, the foreign outnumber the British by some margin, especially at the top.
  21. It depends who is doing the breeding. By reducing the tax, then the workers will be able to afford to having kids themselves instead of paying for the feckless underemployed to have as many kids as they want. That will give a much greater probability of having 3 taxpayers.
  22. Very unlikely to be making music that the mass public would want to listen to.
  23. So that is why the government moved them to Manchester. Now that they are in the provinces, the westminster elite dont have to bend over backwards for them anymore. Hope this is just the start.
  24. They screwed up. I would like to conclude that they are are overpaid when compared to the job they are doing.
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