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  1. Government spending has to come from real sources and not printed money, which is the case now. The state has to make up a smaller percentage of gdp and defecits have to be reduced. We cant stick our head in the sand and hope everything will come good as your idea of endless government spending will lead to Greece or worse.
  2. Its not a question of his spending, its just now he has a very high maintenance wife who will no doubt be wanting to live Coleen Rooney's lifestyle on the wages of a lower premiership player. She has probably already spent next year's wages too.
  3. The economy was already a mess long before he got in. It has been improved slightly, and is in a much better state than Balls would have made of it.
  4. Not much chance of him paying capital gains tax that the plebs would have to. I think his wife owns it, and she lives in Monaco. Still, little things like taxes dont get in the way of getting a knighthood and hobnobbing with the royal and political elites.
  5. London is uglier, more sprawling, far more expensive and equally uninviting. Houses are actually affordable to professionals in Manchester and Birmingham. Most people just move to London as the work is there.
  6. If the office was in say Reading, then they could save a serious amount of money on the rent and could employ people much cheaper. But of course the board have to have nice offices in a skyscraper in central london with top restaurants nearby, so that does not fly.
  7. In the article it says So doesnt look like it includes mortgages. Lets all buy a million pound house using a million pound mortgage and become a millionaire.
  8. The financial drain takes all of the money to London as the centre of finance, politics and culture. Then there is also a brain drain to London, as graduates from many areas of the country move there as the place with the most high paying jobs. If these jobs were elsewhere, they would move there. It is not that Londoners are so smart that they deserve the cash, it is just that ambitious young people move there as London is too dominant.
  9. It is the one thing that should life the Third world out of crippling poverty. Rather than relying on aid and charity (which then goes into the pockets of dictators), they work themselves out of it. Sadly, not many companies are investing in Africa, only hedge funds buying up all of the land.
  10. The title refers to millionaires as those earning more than 1M per year. The old fashioned definition of a millionaire was someone who had a million in assets. It seems people like Ed Milipede have hijacked the term so that while they are worth more than a million, dont get classified as a millionaire in this case.
  11. First they will charge more for the parking places. Then they will start complaining that certain disadvantaged groups cannot afford to drive. Then they will tax the rest of us more to pay for said group to have the right to park there while we walk.
  12. For some reason, the global mega rich have decided that they all need to have houses in Chelsea/ Kensington. Robbie is one of them, so is competing with people who also have multi millions to spend, so his money doesnt go as far as in his hometown of Stoke. If I was him, I would forget about the idea of spending 10 million to live in a terraced house there and go and stay in the mansion in LA or in the countryside.
  13. +1 Frequently you hear many politicians, multimillionaires and others calling for the rich to pay more, What they mean is those on PAYE should pay more tax, leaving the landed gentry and billionaires in peace. The House of Lords has existed for centuries to protect the interests of the aristocracy so we should not be surprised that the system still protects them.
  14. That is just what a mere risk officer is up to. Though their salaries are solid, they dont partake in the big bonuses that the revenue generators recieve. Those guys must have blt portfolios many times the size.
  15. More foreign millionaires buying properties in central london. Think we were all aware of this already.
  16. Just turn them into residential. There seems to be no end to the number of foreigners willing to pay their life's savings in exchange for a 1 bed apartment, as long as it is in central London.
  17. But as a pensioner, he will most likely be in the 20% tax bracket and not the 40% tax bracket, not forgetting the 25% he can take out tax free.
  18. Unfortunately those that have lots of followers are usually rich celebs, who are exactly the type to be buying prime London. With the traditional media, there are plenty of younger journalists coming through who cant afford it, but it seems they cant get past the editors...
  19. To have a shot at the graduate level careers, you need to have a degree. You dont need the knowledge from that degree, you just need the accreditation as that is what employers are looking for. Unfortunately as we all know, the number of graduate level jobs has not increased with the increase in graduates. 9 years on from my maths degree, I haven't really used any mathematics in my field, but my degree got me started on a graduate level career. I have used general numeracy skills, but I had that aged 18 anyway.
  20. Why not? With so much tax needed for very large public spending, tax must come from many sources.
  21. Bulgaria and Romania will hardly be noticed compared to the people already here. When 75 million Turks join the EU, we will certainly notice a change again.
  22. What is so special about the SE that it deserves much higher value than the NE? There is just the city of London, and apart from the people who work there, everything else is the same, and except for housing most things cost the same.
  23. Of course they choose to spend that amount of money in the richest part of Britain, probably where many of the decision makers live. That sort of money should be spread around the country.
  24. Its not going to go ahead. It will get postponed till the next budget to generate goodwill. They will do the same the budget after that.
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