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  1. They say that it is 'just' young professionals living there. Well that is ok - we can hardly have any benefit recipients living there - that would be against their human rights.
  2. In 50 years time, there will be very few jobs left for people to do. Almost everything will be able to be automated, so they will not have jobs to go to. Hopefully the UK will have access to enough energy and raw materials, otherwise there may be trouble.
  3. Recent increases will be due to the sharp drop in the pound in the last couple of months. The cost measured in dollars has been more stable.
  4. It will usually be someone who owns or expects to inherit such a property.
  5. Some of the senior editors were bound to have some btl in central London. They are less likely to own hotels.
  6. That richest 200 doesn't actually refer to rich British people, it is increasing just because lots of oligarchs, sheiks and other assorted foreign billionaires have decided to move to London.
  7. So Simon Guest, Engineering instructor has seen how much his former students have been raking in in the city and fancies a piece of the pie himself. Banks have been highly profitable, but for the employees, not the shareholders.
  8. I would prefer prime property in Barcelona to prime in London. Really nice city at a fraction of the price.
  9. Not like Buffett to pay the high. I wonder why he has decided to buy now. Maybe just an extreme version of HPC's own hoarders with their hundreds of cans of baked beans.
  10. I would hope they are prioritizing immigrants and recent arrivals to leave. However, it will probably be British people who have lived all of their lives leaving, just to make a political point. Meanwhile the recent arrivals will be put up at no expense spared.
  11. Its stories like this that show that people haven't changed their attitude to debt at all. He has lived through the biggest credit event in decades and still considers housing and equity withdrawal as the magic money making tree.
  12. How great it is that unelected judges can overrule elected politicians. The judges have been taking lessons from the EU. They probably get paid a Eurocrat's wage too.
  13. Out of interest, why do you want to buy more land? Do you need it to be attached to the house? I ask as I could see satisfaction in owning the land you could see around a house, but honestly, I wouldn't use it much and it would be a chore to maintain.
  14. Unfortunately, I cant see it happening. The politicians and most of the media own expensive houses in London, so as soon as it is mentioned they bring out the old "think of the little old ladies in their mansions" argument.
  15. The government is buying up the raw materials in Africa. Wealthy individuals are buying premium flats in London. It will not be long before average Chinese workers are buying average flats in average uk cities too.
  16. The Mirror must have been paid a fair chunk for that piece of advertising.
  17. Landlords just buy a home and then rent it out. Of course if you look at only the renting it out part, then indeed, they are providing it. However, the complete picture is that the home is already there, someone wants to live in it, and the landlord collects money for being the middle man. If the landlord had not been there, then someone would still have been living in that home.
  18. All that will remain is raw materials and land rights as energy will probably be cheaper due to solar energy or nuclear fusion. With this, the robots can produce enough food for the humans and widgets will be close to the cost of the raw materials. If everyone has access to enough raw materials and land rights, then it will be perfect, and I can well imagine a communist style government voted in. However, I could still imagine an elite making off with more than their fair share of natural resources.
  19. Thanks for the info. Am going to look further into this as a way of diversifying my portfolio, however am a bit put off by the high charges. The tax treatment is the big carrot though...
  20. Out of interest, how do you pick the venture capital manager? What sort of performance have they given?
  21. We can also expect to see a Billionaire who pays next to no tax to call on raising income tax on high earners, so that the 'rich' pay more. Cue lawyers, doctors and bankers paying more tax, while the elite carry on harvesting money while paying nothing.
  22. Nope. Draghi controls them, just like Merv and Bernanke.
  23. Woman who sells food wants higher prices and seizes upon any logic to justify demanding a higher profit for herself. The biggest scandal is that there are so many of her type in the House of Lords, and have been for centuries.
  24. The ECB is in charge of the printing press, and guess what, it is headed by an Italian. They noticed that UK and USA have very low bond yields, mainly as a result of printing. They had a choice of Eurozone break up or printy printy, and we know what the central banker chose. However, there is less risk of serious inflation, as there does seem to be political will to control the debts and deficits, unlike UK and USA.
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