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  1. Now whenever there is a new coal mine proposed, there are huge objections from local councils and residents (there are some open cast ones proposed). No one wants to live near an coal mine anymore, as it will spoil their dog walking area, so these NIMBYS should be thanking Thatcher for that. (No doubt many of the same people still blame her for shutting them down).
  2. But then you have to pay 20% corporation tax before paying the dividends, as well as the accountants fees.
  3. It comes down to amount of money per person: A single person on 40k will get 30k take home and will be quite well off. A 100k single earner in a family of 4 will get 65k take home, which is a little more than 16k per person, so they will be half as rich per person as a single earner on less than half the money.
  4. I thought you were going to say: Come from a very elite Indian family and build up a huge industrial company, using family business, insider deals and cheap labour. Once you are a billionaire, buy a house in Kensington and then win the British Asian business awards.
  5. It is basically stealing from the shareholders. The same clique of people sit on the remuneration committees as those on the board of directors, and what a surprise... they award themselves huge payrises. Shareholders should be allowed to have more say in reducing directors pay.
  6. One of those houses will be bought by someone British, probably into BTL. The other will be bought by a foreign millionaire.
  7. Poor US jobless figures caused much of today's fall. To be honest, I dont know why the market has been so resilient, what the problems in cyprus, fears of bank runs, contagion and now N. Korea. Maybe the last of the bulls have finally bought and a more sensible market price reflecting the risks will be coming.
  8. Moving in the family business. A lot more respectable than the kids of other billionaires falling out of nightclubs and chasing reality tv fame - see Philip Green's daughter being in Made in Chelsea and the Ecclestone sisters as examples.
  9. Well it is better than ever increasing taxes on Beer instigated by labour. 1p is nothing, but a few pence every budget has ended up costing a few quid for every night out, hence people deciding to go out less or not at all.
  10. Todays first time buyers in London not only have to compete with the bankers, not only billionaires from all over the world, but millionaires and small business owners from China, India and elsewhere who all want their 'investment' in London. There really should be capital controls saying who should be allowed to own property here. Though I doubt James understands or cares about having to compete with foreign rich. Hopefully he will wake up when he realises how shafted his kids are.
  11. Apart from the bling interior, it doesn't look THAT special to be the Uk's most expensive house - anywhere outside central london, it could easily just be another country house hotel. Its location, whilst being central, isn't in the super prime areas of Mayfair or Kensington either.
  12. A levy on savings will obliterate the political party that does it, so unless it is forced upon by outside, it will not happen. UK leaders will choose to print and therefore not be at the mercy of outsiders. Cyprus didnt have that luxury, so that is why it happened there.
  13. It is not a bank holiday elsewhere. Markets react to what people think will happen and not wait to see what has happened.
  14. Think it will happen on monday to be honest. Fears of Bank runs and contagion are already out there.
  15. What about someone who bought a house 15 years ago in London on 60k? They will be much better off than someone on benefits up North. It is the housing market which has taken the benefit away from living in London. But just comparing housing costs doesn't have to be over such a great distance. Someone on 150k renting in Chelsea can be much worse off than someone on 50k renting in Tottenham.
  16. He should attend Robbie Fowler's seminars on property. Robbie: "sell it for 3 million, then buy 30 btls for 100k each. Now give me my course fee"
  17. If London became independent, then it might hold some sway for a bit, but gradually the effects of not being a capital city would reduce its importance. The parliaments would have to move to another city e.g. Manchester. The other centres of power would end up following parliament to Manchester so they could curry favour with the leaders and royals. The head offices of the big UK companies would move to Manchester and the jobs would follow. London would not have the appeal to the oligarchs and global elite anymore and then London would want to join the Uk again.
  18. Im sure the many Somalian pirates living in London might like the chance for rich pickings on the waterways again.
  19. The same people that make money out of running the algorithms now. The people programming the algorithms are divided into IT specialists and maths nerds. The big decline is in the big guys with big mouths.
  20. Critical thinking does not have to be taught either. It comes from reading + time + thinking. There are also many degree holders who never look below the surface.
  21. He owns most of his properties in the bad areas of Liverpool,which went up a large percentage during the boom. However..... I seem to remember there are some houses round there selling for 1 pound now.
  22. He bought houses in the worst areas of liverpool. These ones went up by a huge percentage, but have now come down a lot. If he just put his wages into houses and didnt go into debt, he will be well into the plus. If he MEWed up until 2008 he might have a little problem.. As liverpool has a declining population, I cant see demand increasing for the worst areas in the city.
  23. That is a good plan if we are not to end up like the US dystopian future described in your link. First you would need to elect a government that would seize land owned by the rich and redistribute it. Then, they would need to force it through the house of lords, which is filled with landowners. It will be difficult as the same families have owned huge tranches of land for generations and have conspired to keep it under their control.
  24. British city bankers are so 90s. They cannot compete with foreign money for the super prime property now.
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