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  1. That is a shame as it is the high flying students that should be going to university. There are plenty of people who were not clever enough for A levels (doing GNVQ instead) who have no problems getting into uni. Those are the ones who should be doing vocational training instead.
  2. His estimate seems very low. They will have to dig a tunnel in the ground from San fran to LA (380 miles), plus make sure it is sealed to form a vacuum, plus all of the wiring and electrical power. There is no way that the UK govt could do that for a 10th of the cost of laying some tracks in a straight line.
  3. London rose partly due to being perceived as a safe haven. Gold has crashed from the high, treasuries have started to fall so it might be London prime next. A safe haven is not safe if everyone is invested in it.
  4. A fuel duty cut in Northumberland, Yorkshire and Wales sounds like a sweetener for when the fracking starts in these "desolate" areas.
  5. The current politicians care more about Eton's playing fields than the whole of the North East.
  6. 1860 units in Madrid for 107 million pounds = 57k pounds per property. That is 9 times cheaper than the average property in London, yet London is where the foreign investors are flocking to buy.
  7. If the rumours are true, he doesnt seem to be the most devout muslim in the world. He has a girlfriend who is Miss Newcastle and is very focused on her appearance, and Cisse goes to the casino a lot to gamble. Demba Ba was on the same wages as Cisse. He kicked up a fuss over christmas, and now is at Chelsea on double those wages. No doubt there will be other copycats tring to repeat the same trick.
  8. Foreigners aren't even allowed to buy an apartment in China unless they are living there on a long term visa. It is a bit unfair that they are now buying up London landmarks.
  9. If you look at how much people are paying to stay in a noisy HMO, it may well make sense to pay a similar amount to live in a converted garage like that.
  10. These elite eco campaigners are campaigning so that the "little people" make sacrifices to achieve her eco objectives - they can still live the high life whilst pontificating about what everyone else should be forced to do.
  11. All Labour do is tax those who work and give to the benefits class, while letting the super rich do as they please. You would have thought that the super rich would have figured that out by now.
  12. These higher yields are dependent upon the fed stopping the printing press,which is dependent upon the economy. It could still turn out that these higher interest rates cause a downturn in the economy, which will mean that the fed wlll go on printing, which will drive interest rates up down again until the economy improves etc. The Fed could find it very difficult to turn the printing presses off.
  13. A Bankster losing money .... who would have thought it. The only difference with this is that he is the one taking the loss and not us.
  14. The boom will come from the government giving money for deposits (Help to Buy). However, I dont see this lasting for long, as USA interest rates will lead to higher rates here, and I can see the taxpayer taking a loss on those deposits.
  15. Im sure many of these companies would prefer to relocate to India or China before even thinking of moving up North.
  16. If rates went lower, then landlords would be able to increase rents. So, while there are many problems with rates such as how it is calculated, I would rather the government was doing the rent seeking and not some landlord.
  17. They need to spread out jobs from the media, finance, tech and politics. e.g. In USA, these are spread out over LA, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC. In the UK, it is all in the capital city.
  18. The irony is that many of the countries in asia that have its citizens buying London properties have rules forbidding foreigners buying property in their countries.
  19. Counterexample - China - very high inflation but aging population. UBS have confused a the developed/ developing world split with older/ younger population split , and then written a report based on their misunderstanding to try and impress clients with.
  20. Talk about being over rated. I recently went to London for the first time in a while, and had heard lots of comments such as this, and events such as the olympics hyping it up, so I had high expectations. I then walked around central London, and was amazed at how grotty it seemed. The shops seemed tatty, the roads busy, and definitely more foreign chavs than the foreign millionaires that are driving up house prices. Compared to some European capitals, I was underwhelmed.
  21. Well they have seen how the banks haven't been punished for their mistakes, so it is not surprising that they want a bit of action. If it is profitable, they take all of the profits, if it loses lots of money, they just get given money from the taxpayer.
  22. We have historically low interest rates, bond yields and money printing. Stock market prices, relative to corporate profits are high, but represent one of the only places to achieve real inflation beating returns.
  23. The companies claiming the money just had to show that their cash flow was lower in the period compared to a normal period. That just gave the companies involved permission to have a nice holiday and BP will pay their wages.
  24. Its only turning because Osborne has sanctioned more money printing to buy houses. That is the new paradigm and it isn't pretty. Edit, I typed G Ideon not Osborne but the forum doesn't seem to like that.Ha ha ha
  25. Recently, they have made big profits in Asia, break even in the Americas and losses in Europe. It makes sense to focus on cutting costs in Europe, while focusing on gaining market share and further profits in Asia and possibly latin America.
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