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  1. The living wage should be the same for the whole country. It would be good if MPs actually represented the area they are supposed to represent, instead of voting through more pro London laws.
  2. Foreign millionaires might be tempted to invest in Cambridge in case their kid gets into the university. Cant have them wasting money on rent now.
  3. So a lawyer wants more free money from the government to go to law, just as an academic wants more money for education and a farmer wants more money for farming. The journalists never seem to point out the vested interest.
  4. We are not allowed to buy property in many countries in the world. Especially the parts of Asia that are heavily buying UK property have strict rules banning foreign ownership of property and land. If we cant buy there, they should not be allowed to buy here. The west can get hurt by foreign speculators too, and that is what has happened. Instead of taxing capital gains, we should confiscate the property and give them zilch.
  5. Precisely, London has enough jobs and industry as it is. Politicians are constantly going on about the tech hub which is supposed to spring up in East London, making that area our silicon valley. I dont know why they dont realise that they are supposed to represent constituencies all over the UK, and not just London. A few years ago, I remember Microsoft invested in cambridge, which would have been a great place to have a tech industry, but that all now seems forgotten in favour of the capital.
  6. Spain had lowered minimum wage and made working contracts more flexible, especially for temporary contracts. This has made it easier to hire workers, so employment should continue to ease going forwards. Spain has exported more as they have consumed less, which even resulted in a trade surplus at one point this year. I think they will improve from here. I can't see much chance of a trade surplus in the UK anytime soon.
  7. They always spin it that this is a bad thing. The headline could easily read "Care Home Fees U Turn to benefit Middle Classes", as the middle class taxpayers are the ones who would otherwise end up footing the bill.
  8. Chinese tourists buy a lot of luxury goods in central London as it is cheaper than in China. Currently more of them visit Paris as it is easier to get a visa. Making it easier to get a tourism visa to the UK will mean more VAT from LV, Prada and other branded tat.
  9. Lots of them discriminate against men in favour of women as well. That does not suit the establishment agenda, so it will not get reported.
  10. More fees means pay rises all around. I have no clue how giving a few lectures a week costs 9k a year, never mind 16k. Granted, to teach chemistry or medicine, more experiments have to be done, but the vast majority of teaching is just lectures with a few tutorials.
  11. Well we need to diversify our economy. We can now flog Aberdeen new builds in the Far East as well as London new builds. Then, when foreigners own all of London and then Aberdeen we can start selling Manchester and Edinburgh as well.
  12. In the various rich lists, they have been valued at 200 million. It is nice to see them scraping around selling cars and posing in underwear just to buy a house - shows how ludicrous the whole ponzi is.
  13. Surely there are lots of different prices for all of the brands of bread. I dont see why he should be expected to know the price of all of them. Plus facts about milk and other variables. It is a cheap shot.
  14. I dont blame her for wanting to get out of the clutches of landlords. Most landlords are just greedy and only interested in extracting as much rent as possible, whilst spending as little as possible on the property. They will throw you out with 2 months notice if they think they can get better rent from someone else. I bought for that same reason.
  15. GPs should be offering this service anyway. They get paid enough to.
  16. I think it is also related to the fact that too many pawn shops were opened too quickly. There are several times more pawn shops than 5 years ago all chasing the same business, so was inevitable that they would crash eventually.
  17. I believe the government took over liabilities for existing pensioners. Royal Mail still has to make provisions for existing 170,000 staff, which will be expensive still.
  18. According to companies house, profits since 2005: 8 million, 16M, 16M, -1.3M, 12M, 25M, 25M, 23M. So, if we call that, 20 million profit per year average across the cycle. A fair valuation could be say 13 times earnings, which would value Foxtons at 260 million. Whoever is buying Foxtons at 650 million is going to be very disappointed, unless they a lot of further growth.
  19. The royals are very firmly placed and I dont expect it to change. Most normal people love the soap opera and actually like the image that is presented. The elites will not criticise the royals as they all dream of the possibility of an OBE, MBE or maybe even title.
  20. Similarly the Labour politicians are property rich and are quite happy at having their assets inflate in value. Heck, even the labour's masters the union leaders are rich.
  21. If they could monetize the users and the time they spend on twitter, then it would be a very profitable company. If I was forced to invest in either twitter or facebook, I would choose twitter. However, I have no idea what the long term holds for social media, so I'll pass on that opportunity.
  22. Im sure the rest of the UK would have been more like london if the centres of Politics, Finance, Media, TV, IT and law hadn't all been kept within the M25. If these big employment areas had been distributed as in the USA (spread out over Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco), then there would be more going on in the regions too.
  23. The cash is of the freshly printed variety. Straight from Bernanke's office and the buyers are huge financial organisations and funds.
  24. If only we could get Eastern Europeans in to do the journalism jobs and undercut those at the BBC, they would change their tune.
  25. If this is how a 65 year old "experienced" football manager, manages his money, I would hate to see what 20 year old footballers do with it.
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