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  1. mean -2.0% with a standard deviation of 1.2%
  2. Respect to the HPCer who posted that message on mumsnet
  3. I agree about moving to a more restrictive meritocratic university system (as opposed to now where almost anyone who wants to go to university can go regardless or intellect or work ethic). Though the ones who benefit should be the ones who pay for it.
  4. If it is so expensive to have other people to look after your kids, then an obvious lucrative job springs to mind - looking after other people's children. If you look after just 5 kids on week days only then you can make 60k per year! That is more than most workaholic businessmen make! Then you can branch out and take more kids, while paying other women 20k to look after them, repeat this 10 times and it will take only a couple of years to become a millionaire. In fact I might start a childcare company myself now!
  5. Holidays are around 25% of the time, though some of that you will be on holiday too - eg christmas and can take your own vacation. Childcare from 15:30 till 17:00 is less expensive than full time care.
  6. Most children will be in the age group 4-18 and therefore will not need childcare spent on them as they can by easily packed off to school. Going back to work for these mothers will be more useful and stimulating than sitting in an empty house all day.
  7. No you cannot. Like it or not, they do own the house. It is just that they have become massively in debt to pay for it.
  8. My generation has paid thousands for tuition fees and it is not fair for other people to have their tuition fees paid completely for them by taxpayers. Then my generation is paying twice. In the end, most people who go to university do not use their knowledge gained in their degree. And degrees from polys are not looked very highly upon anyway, so less people should go to university. University should be kept for fewer, but more cerebral students.
  9. Sending all of these teenagers to university is very expensive, but someone has to pay it. If the kids who are benefiting from university education are not going to pay for it, then the burden has to be taken by the taxpayer, many of whom have not been to university. I have already got student loans from my university education, and I certainly dont want to pay for other people's education as well as I am already paying for my own.
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