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  1. Im sure the Judge will take the woman's side as is always the case.
  2. Ah but then they reply Sainsbury shares are risky. There is no risk whatsoever with bricks and mortar.
  3. The winners in those games are those who choose very risky investments, so you might get into bad habits. You can't win their game by investing in safe, reliable dividend payers.
  4. I'm sure he would have fetched more on the lecture circuit than Tony Bliar, and a few lectures would have allowed him to double his net wealth. However, Nelson Mandela had more class than that. Mandela wanted to improve the world, Bliar only wanted money and power.
  5. There is quite a lot of HPC sentiment in the comment section. This would be a very popular policy for a political party.
  6. Why on earth these people wanted to give 'scores' and not just calculate the price to live a defined existence in these cities I dont know. Then, we could actually see the price, and not just some randomly chosen numbers in their list.
  7. The Quataris don't seem to mind losing money. They just want others to see them as rich - Manchester City is an example. That is what happens when you inherit billions of barrels of oil.
  8. Robots would be far more powerful than human armies or police forces. They could keep order quite easily. For example, nanobots could be scattered about like dust and made to replicate. Once done, they could consume the rebelling humans by using them to replicate, or more elegantly, they could get inside the human's brains and change their structures so they no longer "want" to rebel.
  9. So Oxfam want to do something about inequality. They want ordinary British people to donate money to Oxfam so that they can continue to pay their Chief Executive a 6 figure salary plus multiple extras.
  10. If that 500k was a pension fund, then even at today's pathetic annuity rates you could get more than 6% (I just checked the first provider that came up on google and got 6%) so 30k plus the state pension is better than most working people would get. If interest rates normalise then the annuity rates would be higher.
  11. This is just Prince Charles trying to say things to get 20 somethings on his side for when he is eventually King. He just wants to keep his power and prestige for the next 30 years. Although, that is one better than the leaders of the political parties, who just want power for the next 5-10 years.
  12. As usual Sergio Marchionne has got a good deal and refused to be bullied into paying a higher price for the remaining stake. Fiat shareholders have got a good deal. Fiat group now owns Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.
  13. I dont think will bring their birth rate to anything like replacement level. They will probably follow the other far eastern countries to a birth rate approaching 1 and a very aging population.
  14. A new growth industry for lawyers. Maybe the UK can be the world leaders in wheely bin disputes.
  15. Very often, senior management has decided what rating they want to give to a particular stock dependant on the possibility of getting business out of them. The analysts then type up their report and make assumptions to justify what ever their bosses have decided. Totally useless to the investor.
  16. It was when they cut the tax rate from 50% to 45% that the conservatives took a battering in the press and polls. If they did it again, it would as good as finish their chances of reelection. Cameron must know this, so it is quite surprising that he might do it again.
  17. There will be less desire to buy those houses directly next to a tube line. However if there is a big enough price discrepancy, then do doubt BTL will step in, as there will be "only tenants" in there.
  18. Had a laugh at this graduate There are far too many 20 somethings spending 3 years training in subjects like that. Well at least it didn't take her long to find out the truth, but it would have been better to find it out aged 17 and do something useful instead of at 22.
  19. Yes I bet most of the Chinese buyers of London property haven't even considered the possibility of the most left wing government since the 1970's being elected.
  20. Maybe there is a case for reducing stamp duty for people who buy houses to live in. However, anyone buying a second or multiple properties should pay higher stamp duty. It is a bit unfair that someone buying a house for £250,001 to live in pays £7.5k in tax while a buy to letter can buy as many properties for £125k without paying any stamp duty.
  21. I wouldn't feel like living in one of those. The tallest residential building in Europe has to attract some terrorist attention. Still, most of the buyers will probably be foreigners buying for an investment who will leave it empty so casualties would be lower than otherwise.
  22. The sellers are those who owned the stock already (early stage investors, employees, founders etc.). The buyers will be the bankers and those close to the bankers. The price is agreed via consultation between the bankers and the owners - note the conflict of interest the bankers have. Those sellers sold at $26. When the market was opened and free trading could begin, the price was $45, netting the bankers friends a handsome profit. If those sellers had not sold in the ipo and just waited to sell on the exchange, they would have sold for a much higher price.
  23. What a terrible ipo for those who sold their shares in it. They should have waited another minute and sold them at almost double the price. The mutual funds who bought these shares made almost as much money as the founders and employees who had been working on this for years. The bankers must be laughing all of the way to the bank.
  24. Im sure those currency exchanges at airports don't make too many "trading" losses either.
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