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  1. Well done. It seems that you have been seeing the same trend as me. Very frustrating the southeast!
  2. The areas we are looking at are quite specific, I save details of all properties that come on the market in these areas over a certain price threshold. When they go under offer I add them to my spreadsheet. Address, starting price, reduced price, floor area, comments. Then when the LR is updated calculate % off initial and % off final and price per Sqm. It is a bit laborious but not that much due to the small number coming up. As I say been doing the sheet since 2010 as a suggestion form someone on here actually. Been saving electronic details much longer. The spreadsheet must be about 400 li
  3. I thought my post was sort of balanced, did you not read the whole thing, I did point out that I have seen discounts upto 35% but these are not on properties that are suitable for us or ones which I would like to buy. The objective is not to buy the house with the best deal no matter what. This is only applicable if its an investment, whereas I want somewhere nice to live in, I.e. a home. As for trolling I don't think so, read some of my previous posts. It's just this is my view at this moment in time. I wouldn't recommend someone with a small deposit or a young first time buyer buying just n
  4. After all these schemes to prop up prices and QE I don't think we will see anywhere near 40% off. They have shown that at least for now they won't let prices drop, or at least try everything they can. Even without this I think 40% is ambitious. As I posted a few weeks ago everything around here is going mental, even in the last few days 1 million plus houses going straight on rightmove as under offer. We decided to go for a property in the best area possible and one big enough to live in forever, although it is pricey. But when you can get rates at around 2.5% and the worry of all the cash i
  5. I would say my 'haggling' falls into various camps. Firstly there is just doing good research and getting a good deal. Somtimes it is convienitent to ask a more local company if they will match the good deal you found from research and this can make logisitical sense. Then there is the type of haggling on your car insurance where you get the best quote and then politely ask if they can make it any better and get another £50 off or whatever. If you are polite and just say what can you do and then save another £50 why not, dont think this has anything to do with 'getting one over on someone'.
  6. I think discounts are very much car and dealer dependant, not just relating to HP. I know many people who have had massive discounts off list price, just look at some of the web deals on some of the more expensive cars. Margins are built in to make it look like you are getting a good deal. Unfortunately some people don't haggle. Granted some dealers won't discount, just move on to the next! Got about 20% off a car in 2009, and about 10% off a less expensive car more recently.......and as another poster said some dealers often have adverts of no vat, like Skoda have been doing in the last cou
  7. This is the problem, no one values science and engineering anymore. This should be where investment is aimed, not houses! But unfortunately some non skilled 'project manager' can get paid more to boss about engineers and cause chaos. Often on some ludicrous contractor rate, and the mental thing is everything goes better when they are not there! The UK does not value skill. How many institutions recognise a professional/Chartered Engineer. They just lump non-skilled/craftsman/technician/chartered engineer all in the same basket......and that's when they're not calling planners cost engineers
  8. Yes, seem to remember they bought the tower for like 3 or 400k and said they wanted to do it for 750k or something but ended up implying they had a mortgage over 1 million at the end but kind of didnt say. Said they had to sell some of their other properties or something... Remember at the end they were like, but its so worth it for the best view in london...blah etc...... Looked good, but persoanlly, too tall, not enough space outside (although did have a garge) too close to the modern rubbish around it.
  9. Which is exactly why I added: ------------------------------ So as long as the house is actually worth what you pay (and by worth I mean being able to resell for at least the same price), then it doesnt look so bad does it! -------------------------------- Its a dangerous game whichever way you look at it....I just thought i'd add that example to show that its not straightforward.......... Plus in my case if prices went down, then surley I already have the buffer of the magic HPI fairy that forms 'part' of my deposit? So until the loss breaches that 'profit' (lol) then I wouldnt have lost
  10. You didnt read it as I meant it. I wasn't saying a fixed rate. I was merly making a comparison, of course rates might go up, but in the near term i very much doubt it. I was using the numbers to provide a comparison between what i could pay now and what i have had to pay previously.....just used 10 years as a reasonable time to pay it back.....and a number on which to base my calculation.....
  11. I agree that most people look at the payments rather than the total cost, and that is why personally when we had a mortgage we overpaid like there was no tomorrow and if/when we take our next we will do the same. However an interesting comparison: Borrow 300k @ 2.5% over 10 years and pay 39k in interest. (I can get this rate now!) Borrow 150k @ 6% over 10 years and pay 49k in interest. (I was paying this rate or more from early 00's to 2008) So as long as the house is actually worth what you pay (and by worth I mean being able to resell for at least the same price), then it doesnt look so
  12. I think where an agent becomes useful is where a property is truly difficult to sell. They can convince people it is worth a look on the off chance they will fall in love. An online advert can not do this. Also don't underestimate how stupid people are. I have a friend who is selling at the mo and some people get freaked by the most minor details that are insignificant and need someone to talk them round, his agent has at least appeared to help in this case. Don't get me wrong i hate dealing with EAs and also the fees when selling. I guess online is a good route though if you have a really
  13. Good to see a breakdown illustration, brings a bit of objectivity to the debate....
  14. Maybe, I did qualify it by saying one cant live like a king on 100k. Still think its ok though. As for private schools I know you can pay 10K a term, but looking at some of the websites (looked at st pauls) you can pay about £1600 a month or more like 1k ish a month for us not so close to londoners (looked at Readng based examples)......per child obviously Think what it must be like for people who have ordinary jobs and live in the south east or worse London...............................
  15. Lol, at least its not Rosie Millard now that would wind me up! Although not in London we are only 30/40 miles away and the number of people I know who must have a household income of over 100k (not each, just combined) and wine about being broke is unreal. They borrow money off their parents to buy relitively cheap stuff etc etc. So lets assume they are taking home nearly 6k a month gross, paying lets say 1k to 1.5k in mortgage or rent, and 1k in food and bills. I think thats about right based on my own outgoings. So they have about 3.5k a month as disposable income, that is some serious ea
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