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  1. I'd hardly call them FTB properties!.

    Higher value properties such the ones you describe are moving fine, which is why the average prices in Edinburgh have looked healthy on the face of it. If you look at the lower end of the market its a whole different story.

    I just replied to the title thread cowy, never read the ftb stuff.

    This however is the state of the market at this level, any property worth its valuation or in some cases above it are still selling, hardly the sign of a slowdown although i for one wish it was the case.Edinburgh is a good place to buy/rent and thats the end of it i'm afraid, Of course prices are overpriced but while you have a small city with a healthy financial and technology sector then things will not drastically change. Prices may tilt a few % either way but no crash is happening here.

  2. I know what your saying and was as suprised myself when i heard this. The guy who told me work for land registry and thats how he described it.

    Maybe busiest this year is relative to rest of the year.

  3. Netherlee still selling reasonably quickly, usually 10-15% down on peak. Not sure about Burnside, but I live in the middle in Kings Park and there is currently one under offer in Kings Park ave, one in Second Ave and one in Mount Annan drive so if they 3 sell the sold prices would give a better idea of that area. I know under offer means nothing but the ones in Second ave and Mount Annan went under offer in less than a week.

    Thanks bingobob.

    I'm going to view 3 on sunday so will try get a feel for the area etc.

  4. Hi all.

    Anyone familiar with the Burnside/netherlee area of glasgow ?

    How is the market for properties in the 250-300k range?

    I have checked zoopla etc but theres not much recent activity for these areas.

    What realistic % should one consider knocking off the asking price / value.


  5. At least 5,000 people are being pursued by debt collectors working on behalf of a payday loan firm, for sums they did not borrow in the first place.

    Police believe fraudsters managed to get loans paid out by Help Loan using personal details of innocent Britons. The Finland-based company believes the fraud has cost it at least £1.5m, Radio 4's Money Box programme has learned.

    £1.5 Million over what must have been a couple of weeks at £500 a pop must have taken some doing..Usual suspects I suppose.

    I'ts nice to hear that the thief's are getting some of their own medicine.

  6. Sooner or later many of you will realise that the huge crashes seen in other markets were in part due to overbuilding and a huge overhang of supply. With miniscule new build for many years it takes relatively few buyers to maintain the market. My guess is those few buyers will eventually disappear but ignoring the supply side of the equation can give you false hopes.

    Still, the fear factor might cause a ripple or 2 and from there anything can happen.

    It will take some hefty job losses and repossessions to really tip it over the edge mind.

  7. They should take the loss, greed can make you do stupid things however.

    I don't know if i am been unrealistic with my "plan" and i admit i don't know the market that well here but if houses are not selling and all the talk is of falling prices, cuts to jobs and not to mention the fact that house prices are overpriced anyway then why not chance your arm ?

    You should maybe make similar offer ccc if the ones close to yourself are what you are after .

    Timing will be key if and WHEN prices do begin to fall.

  8. Piss on cuts :lol:

    It will be interesting to see how things develop over the winter especially with properties which have been on since early in the year and have still not sold. You would have to think that prices will drop or at least factor the price drops into your offer (if making one) .

    My plan is to offer 15-20 below what i consider the value of the property and not the added on made up value which the owner has asked the surveyor to bump the price up by. Buyers have to remember that its time to play hardball, let the sellers squeal for a change.

  9. Hi All,

    Looking to buy prop. at 104k; have 50k deposit. Rent paying at the moment is 340/month which goes up once in a yr according to RPI. Mortgage if taken with HSBC (1.69 + Boe RATE= 2.19%) works out under 300/month. Its a housing Assn prop so has to be valued at time of purchase (full market value) which I had done towards end of Sep. Would you wait; get another valuation or go ahead with purchase now??

    Thanks in advance.

    Have it revalued and factor in minimun 10% offer below valuation. I would be offering 20% below as a starting point myself

    Best of luck with it

  10. Winter has not even begun and already the signs are there.

    Job losses, US in trouble, France rebelling, UK in denial and now the markets reacting to all the negativity and thats only the news we are aware of !

    You can sound as positive as you like but if you don't truly believe it then its "game over"... this is the beginning of the end. the spending review is irrelevant.

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