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  1. The banks have to write off 50% of greek debt. Was this debt not financed with the bailout money that was created by those in power ? Which banks are they actually talking about and also who are the private investors who are taking losses ? All these leaders seem so smug but surely throwing more money at a debt problem only prolongs the misery, they say that if they re-capitalise the banks then this will help growth. So the banks lose 50% of one deal and then get more money which they are suppose to lend to businesses at x %, why would they if they have just been shafted ? Essentially, they have given in to greece's demands and reduced their debt which will probably never be paid anyway. Irish people should lynch their so called politicians who have sold them out lock,stock and barrel. However if they march n mass, start a few fires and threaten to default then surely they are looking at 50% reductions on their debt.
  2. I would say set a price at what you think it's really worth and offer 10-15% below that. As you have already made an offer then increase it by 5k and say you are close to your limit. Don't tell the sales person, sorry EA what your limit is though. It's no harm asking what price the sellers are hoping to fetch but from experience this will be totally inflated. It is important to remember that house prices are only going to go down so factor that into your decision and good luck.
  3. I viewed a house yesterday in Glasgow which was listed as o/o 270K. Nice solid house but it needs total refurbishment as the decor is caught in a 70's timewarp and theres also one minor missing detail NO KITCHEN The owner showed us around which was all fine and dandy and then we got to talking at the end when i mentioned that the near exact same house (with one extra bedroom) 3 doors away had sold for 242k a few months in March of this year. However the owner then continues to tell me that he would not sell at the price the one 3 doors away sold for as the lady needed a quick sale and the the price did not reflect the true value. He also said that she had been offered a higher value but had turned it down only then to have to accept a lower one lol . He also through in the usual "i dont need to sell" line as i dont have a mortgage etc along with some story of selling it to his son but he didnt trut him to look after the garden Anyway i guess the point is that most of these sellers are still totally delusional. I now want prices to fall more than ever so as greedy fools like this get it rammed up them
  4. IR's should rise, but they wont. Inflation is rampant in this country and bordering on been out of control. Obviously people on this site are bias and desperate for a HPC but even without that it's so obvious things are ridiciously more expensive. Every time i shop for any item, food,clothes,fuel etc etc it just rams it right down my throat "you'r been ripped off" .
  5. Why dont they just let people make their own minds up if they want to gamble or not ? There's always some idiot(s) trying to decide whats best for people, probably some bible basher who sees no harm in waging war on another bunch of bible/quoran bahser's but lets ban gambling as its destroying lives.
  6. How much is it worth now based on price % increase/decrease since the date above ? The area is Rutherglen, Glasgow. The house in question has been upgraded/updated but i can work out how much has been spent once i view the property. I'm just interested in the house price assuming nothing has been done in current market. Thank you.
  7. LOL - what a beauty of a quote that is, oh and we would help if we could is a cracker too. LOL
  8. Aw poor stewart. "Stewart Milne, owner and executive chairman of the firm, said lenders appeared to be applying unreasonable criteria when reaching lending decisions. “Experienced people that we would normally expect to get mortgages without any problem, for unbelievable reasons, are being turned down,” he told The Herald" What a pwick "unreasonable criteria" like been actually able to pay back the mortgage if and when things get worse.Oh and experienced people should get mortgages, wtf does this mean ? experienced in what, lying about how much they earn. Do me a favour..
  9. Fixed price means they know the market is totally banjoed so have no chance of getting an offer over whatever figure they pluck from the air. Dont even listen to the estate agent when talking to him/her, treat them as sales people which is what are essentially. Once you have done your research and are happy with a figure you think is correct then offer few % below that figure and leave yourself some room for negotiation. Just remember the balls in your court so dont be pressured into making an offer by the crap the EA will try feed you. New builds will also lose their value quicker than older type houses due to the way their constructed. good luck anyway.
  10. Land of the free, unless your a native or don't agree with what your been told. The sooner the better this empire falls.
  11. Does your reasoning apply to the Northern Ireland and Scotland were prices dropped or is is selective ?
  12. "Interesting stuff in the Scotsman today. Again - a failure to even note that prices being high is the main issue above and beyind everything else." Very true but people seem able and willing to pay huge prices for flats and houses. Those with mortgages seem happy to pay most of their income on having a place to live. How long can it go on though ? Go out shopping ,eating or drinking and everything is so incredibly expensive. Get a take away meal or eat in and its the same story. Interest rate rises are the only thing which will bring house prices back to some sensible level,
  13. Hi Does anyone have an idea whether the houses in this new build are overpriced? http://cathkinhouse.com/cathkin_gate.html They are going from 320k but from what I can see new build on Glasgow's outskirts are going for significantly less...any advice or insight would be appreciated thanks
  14. Excellent, i do enjoy listening to Mr Celente.
  15. Would anyone with property bee please check this property for me for reduction details http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31021019.html?utm_content=ealertspropertyimage&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emailupdates&utm_campaign=emailupdates_sep09&utm_term=buying&sc_id=5461963 I dont have access to firefox anymore .thank you
  16. Property in edinburgh is definetely overpriced but its hard to see were a crash will come from. Having been to Ireland and dublin in particular its obvious how things collapsed there. The number of properties been built could never be justified for such a small country. They were building block upon block of flats on parts of the canal which would cover leith walk a few times and it not very nice areas. Theres no place in edinburgh were the same thing is happening, i think the best we can hope for is a slow downward trend, maybe another 5-10% max off current prices.
  17. Thanks for the replies - Pollokshields property's look nice too. I asked a guy i work with what that area was like and he said it has a large "asian" community although not exactly in that way. Is this the case ?
  18. Hi all, My sister rents from DJ Alex who have totally messed her about since she moved into rented flat. She just wants to move out of the flat at this stage as there's a number of problems which they will not address (filty carpets, smell of damp etc) Anyway my question is how can she get out of the rental agreement and legally what can she do if they dont agree to let her move on without losing deposit ? thank you
  19. Thanks for the reply laurag - i wasn't aware of the areas that surrounded this property which would be a major turn off. The main road outside was the main reason i was not interested at the time, it was too busy and noisy . What nicer areas would you recommend over this side of Glasgow ? One property i am interested in viewing is on Cathcart road although again i am not familiar with this area. thanks again.
  20. What next, "houseKeys in the bowl" ?
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