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  1. Its a theme on all the UKIP videos, a tribute to the EUSSR.
  2. You obviously dont appreciate what destruction of the economy will mean. Think its all gonna be free houses and milk and honey? Wrong, try marshall law and state dictatorship for size.
  3. And of course the effects on the general public were immense. You never hear the lefties talking about the effects on pensioners, children and "needy" who would of obviously suffered during the power blackouts and through the loss of public services. Nope, not a word about that. Thatcher did the country a great service, standing up to those who would hold the country to ransom, where other spineless politicians had spent years taking it up the ronson from union leaders.
  4. My grandfather was a butcher, he died aged 63 from hardening of the arteries, no doubt caused from all the meat and fat he consumed. Do I get a sympathy vote for that?
  5. Thats one point of view. As challenging as it must have been to break the picket lines, some miners did. Others took the view that they could hold tje country to ransom, causing major disruption to peoples lives and the economy. Those same choices cost them their livelihoods and the good welfare of their communities. I wonder if they would behave in such a selfish way given the same chances today.
  6. If they had spent less time striking, and more time mining, they might still have a job. Their productivity was dire, their working practices obstructive and their pay far too high. They well and truly screwed themselves and their communities. With hindsight, you'd hope that the most militant are ashamed for the damage they caused.
  7. Youre kidding? The battle between pro and anti Euro is now over. We are all anti Euro now. Its a great time of much pointing, laughing and saying "told you so". Enjoy !
  8. Their point is that we maintain full fiscal and monetary policy control. How those policies are employed will always be up for debate, but the fact we maintain a full spectrum of economic policy options somewhat differs us from our European chums.
  9. This is an epic article from the Telegraph regarding the Euro. The final word on the UK joining the Euro I would of thought. There's simply no way anyone could countenance such a thought from this point onwards. Euosceptics WIN ! http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/peteroborne/100064330/margaret-thatcher-knew-the-single-currency-would-devastate-europe/#dsq-content Next week it will be 20 years since Margaret Thatcher fell. Pressure had been building on a number of fronts, but the issue which finally destroyed her was the yet-to-be-born euro. In the last weekend of October 1990, she travelled t
  10. There's some fairly substantial drops in leicester now, loads of huge victorian type properties with 5 beds plus hitting the market, presume are BTL properties being dumped. Many of the drops seems to be at the top end of the market so far. For example this one £409,950 to £250,000' http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26078305.html 13 October 2010 20:59:54 * Price changed: from '£275,000' to 'Offers in Region of £250,000' [Found by n/a] 22 September 2010 10:17:47 * Price changed: from '£274,950' to '£275,000' [Found by n/a] 20 September 2010 17:29:23
  11. Its galling that the BBC dont allow comments on their stories. Blatently obvious why they dont (afraid of being held up to public scrutiny) but galling all the same.
  12. does the OP think that gdp is net profit?? you cannot share out gdp, its not available to share, unless were discussing a comunist state.
  13. labour are worried that london will be cleansed of labour voters, thats pretty much all they give a shit about.
  14. in this age of social media, it shouldnt be too difficult
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