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  1. Must be my lucky day? While brousing my facebook an invitation popped up inviting me to a Martin Roberts property 'workshop' locally in June. Wow, what is that going to cost me? I don't need to pay anyone a £/p to know that the UK property market is *****d, anyone with half a brain knows that it's finished. Why, oh why are papers and experts(?) still prepared to promote property as a viable investment? I so hate all tv property porn programmes, it's so out of date in the current climate (lack of cash and mortgages). Martin Roberts and his co presenter, (bankrupt) Phil and Chrusty, etc. I
  2. Quite agree, and oh, a motorhome is pretty convenient for popping back to Blighty, even have room for our shopping (regretably we haven't found BOGOF's in the French supermarkets) before catching a ferry from UK.
  3. Best thing we ever did, never regretted selling up in the UK and enjoying a holiday home out here (France).
  4. Brilliant - this interview needs saving, priceless liebor BS. (I have little computer skills, would love to save this though) Love her hesitations, 13 years government experience, and still not got a blummin clue has she. Yes, we are well and truly F*****.
  5. Baby Boomers read X-Factor magazine ?? Boomer bashing has reached a new low. Oh, and some boomers were well prepared for when TSHF, having seen it all before!! From my experience it's the one's in the 20-30 + age group who borrowed rather rashly to enter the BTL dream, ignoring the fact that investments can fall just as easily as rise in value. X factor mag for the silver tops thanks for the laugh.
  6. A, an 'in-betweer', I think I prefer the sound of that more than being labled as a selfish, money grabbing boomer. Yep, I'll accept being an in-betweener, thanks.
  7. Very good, but wait until the left whingers and sandal wearin, tree huggin liberal civil servants wake up from their weeks rest. They will very quickly flame your views. The civil service (unemployable) whingers could never ever cut the mustard as self employed. No paid holidays, paid when sick, gold plated inflation proof pensions, etc. No they expect to be kept by the quiet men and women of this country (the very one's who can't afford a decent pension)!
  8. Totally agree. We sold up (thanks to HPC) in Jan 2008 to down size at some time in the future (still waiting for the right time). Managed to bank between 250 and 300K in various bonds (shared around in various building societies) and rent a 3 bed bungalow (value at that time was £250K) for £700 per month. Initially our earnt interest paid more than the rental cost, not so now of course, but renting a property is the only route at this time. Saw a young lady on TV today complaining about being in debt and never being able to clear the debt!! She bought in 2006 with her partner, they earn £
  9. I'm not being sensative, but All age groups are covered within the HPC 'family', we all understand the problems that have brought us to this situation. Us 'silvertops' knew that when TSHF (LIAR LOANS etc.) we were toast, that 'knowledge' was not only understood by just the younger generations!! Plenty of 'Boomers' on HPC prepared for this situation (STR, 3rd time I've seen 'values' head downwards), because we've seen it all before. OK, I'm of a certain age, but I've certainly never encouraged anyone (own children included) to buy anything that seemed OVER valued. I don't see us 'getting o
  10. +2 (keeping the majority of our £'s in bonds [1-2 year], locked away short term to resist the temptation to spend).
  11. Mornin all, Just spendin abit of time doing more 'research', for when to buy again. Found a 'project' (not for me though) near Stroud (pleasant area) in Glos, but no idea how to link the details (Zoopla) to my post. It's at £75000, on a 50/50 ownership with a housing association, no prob with that. But it needs a total refurb, lots of £'s to be spent, and that cost falls 100% upon the new owner! In addition the new owner also has rent to pay on the 50% that they don't own! Is this normal practice with housing associations? If so, I'll have to find what's needed to become a HA. Dear,
  12. ?????????????????????????????????????????? He was at his best, obviously you have a vested interest in high property values! shame you don't get it.
  13. Perhaps red braces would be good on the radio too? Heard the programme, JD/FP is always worth listening to, his advice in previous years saved us £40-50K by STR, thank you JD. So pleased we discovered HPC and sold up before the big fall in values. JD is the man concerning property value direction, not the stupid VI they had on that programme, mentioning 95% mortgages witha building society I'd never heard of before. Building societies are unwilling to lend 80/85% of a house 'value' because they expect them to FALL 20% in value, it's so simple!
  14. How true. We recently looked at a new development (Research only you understand!) David Wilson one side of the new road, A N other developer opposite. A pair of 'semi's I thought, were infact 6 flats!! and appeared to be occupied by kids fresh out of school. One young lad, probably only about 17/18 was staggering along the new road at about 3pm with a bottle of wine. Two young girls with babies in a pair of small new semi's were obviously the centre of attention of about half a dozen of the new flat dwellers along the road. When we were called the following day by an attentive sales
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