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  1. You need to grow a thicker skin Donnie............... The boomers are coming across more and more these days as complete and utter hypocrits........... You face them with the undeniable facts that are missing nowadays and were present when it came to have their turn as ftbs and they generally dont know where to look.......... House prices are stretched to the absolute limit affordability wise and they know it........ Our interest rates are being manipulated and kept artificially low and they know it.......... Inflation is not being estimated properly and the cost of living is making us po
  2. Go and slap yourself round the face with a wet kipper you silly man..................... We all need the patience of a saint to see this thing through................... Regards Miser
  3. Has there been any stalling tactics used by your local council.The bills always seem to be out round here by now and everyone i have spoken to seems to shrug in ignorance.
  4. I think I will be doing my normal 20 second long spewing of expletives at the box at midday.When ..........oh when are these wooly headed toss-pots going to take the situation seriously and raise those rates.
  5. So many of the factors that allowed this state of affairs to exist are coming to an end and most people will admit that.Affordability is now stretched to the very limit if not beyond.The lowest interest rates in living memory are now looking to be under threat from either inflation that the mpc is ignoring or inflation that has not fed through yet.We are all getting a lot poorer outside of property year on year because the true cost of living is not being seen in wage rises All around the world countries are tightening up their fiscal policies by raising interest rates including japan and the
  6. I am saving up my glumness for when the next council tax bill and utility bills arrive.It does not pay to be too glum too early in the recession cycle you have got to pace yourself properly.We dont want you slitting your wrists and not fully enjoying the end product now do we? You have got to stick around a fair while longer yet to take full advantage of how the tables are going to be turned on all these btlers and amateur investors that have done this to the likes of you and me. We must show some solidarity in the face of all this smarm.We must be like the outnumbered and outclassed english
  7. With hardly any increase in average wages in the whole 8 years that labour have been in power what the hell is there to stabilise the situation.............. House prices have more than doubled in that same time period.............. This low inflation environment is going to put paid to people ever getting anywhere near as much as previous generations have done............... We have lost something like 25% of our manufacturing jobs under labour (far more than under any previous government)............... We are now importing a greater proportion of our gas and petrol from abroard and hard
  8. Maybe they think that because we are in a low inflation environment with artificially suppressed interest rates things are going to be different this time............... What they dont want to understand is this is probably the worst economic climate to have a housing bubble in............ No chance of wages catching up with the increased costs like they have done in previous busts is going to make the fallout from this one truly epic.............. Anyone fancy a decades worth of negative equity? Because thats what we are looking at before house prices ever get anywhere near this high agai
  9. I would love to see some of the answers todays youngsters give on that 'do you think its a bubble or not?' question................ When some of these bozos look back a few years they are going to wonder what the hell was going on in the government and the media............ It really does beggar belief where we are right now that they think there is even any doubt left as to whether we are in a bubble or not...............
  10. I think I am going to christen it the baby boomer bust................ No other generation will have left its children and their children with such a tainted legacy................. I mean what the hell were they thinking of driving prices to the level they are at...................? As it is now we have got to work to a much older age,we have got a piss poor pension in comparison to them,and thats if the system hasnt collapsed under the strain of so many old and so few young by then........... And now they want to price us out for eternity and make us rent off them for a lifetime.........
  11. Has anyone noticed the number of houses that have had sold signs up for months now and even the dreaded auction sign is starting to appear now in places............... About mid september I started to take note of how many of the houses that had sold outside were lying empty and staying that way............. At first it was about 1/3 of the total solds that I saw and now its about 2/3....... And I am not talking new builds or flats either,the next time you go out check out whether the solds you have seen are standing empty............... Chains that cannot complete because there are no ftb
  12. I think we should make november the fifth a national holiday. I have never empathized with a modern terrorist act but blowing up the houses of parliament sure seems like a good idea with this bunch of scum we have residing over us. Guy fawkes.................the first man to truly appreciate just how corrupt and insidious central government can be and what a waste of time it is.
  13. This is only a help to people like us.When the government has to step in with hair brained schemes that only allow people to buy half a house because that is all the majority of ftbs can afford now it is highlighting just how much and how far out of line things have got. I mean..........who the hell wants to buy a portion of their permanent residence.The previous few generations have been able to afford to buy an average house on an average wage so I cannot see how schemes like this and any other cannot help but highlight just how completely stupid the whole thing is.
  14. I personally think he nedds a good throttling. Hopefully he will be boxed in with blair obstructing his promotion to next doorat every step. Personally think that man needs a few lessons in debt management preferably delivered to the side of his head with a baseball bat............... Lets see how gloating he is to the british public and the imf now the whole crumbling economic miracle is teetering. I think he will be gone far sooner than we all imagine.
  15. The high inflation environment that has been evident before in previous corrections has helped the poor unfortunate ftbs who bought in at or around the peak to recover that little bit quicker. Wages caught up a hell of a lot faster in the past than they are ever likely to now in this sham of a low inflation environment we are tricked into beleiving exists. The only consolation to all this is the fact that in previous booms investors did not make up as higher percentage of transactions as they have done this time. The ones who will mainly get burned this time are the ones who deserve it the
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