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  1. Look at how sales volume plunge after 2007..
  2. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2223993/Thinking-selling-home-year-Nine-think-bad-timing.html Seems sellers are getting seriously depressed, that's good, the acceptance stage follows.
  3. This is defiance from sellers and the market is in a complete standstill. Expect sales volume to plummet further, House price indices lose their value biased by few overpriced houses selling in zone 1 london. The logic is simple, buyers are making offers 10-20% below the asking price, sellers are responding by increasing the asking price. Net result , nobody bothers to arrange a viewing, the seller sits on the property for 1 month, drops 10k, sits on the property for 2 months, drops 10k, either pulls out of market or finds a buyer stupid enough to buy at overinflated price or resets expectatio
  4. well, if you didn't buy before 2000 then you have missed the boat which has turned into titanic now. Now is not the time to get on it, it will sink , all it needs is euro iceberg! BTL is not smarter, it's about being older, there was a brilliant programme on sky news that how baby boomers are selfish lot, who have screwed the next generation. It will all end in tears.Only time will tell how smart are BTL investors.
  5. Who will force them and how? I can only think the interest rates will rise and they will stop printing money when the markets/investors want them to because BoE is salve to financial markets...but why would financial markets ever want to stop free printing of money paid by us through inflation?
  6. Best to talk to her by phone. Prepare a list of things to say e.g good tenants, empty property losing money. State them calmly and ask the landlady rationale for the increase. Is this the first time she has asked for an increase? Compare with similar properties in your area and tell her what you can find. Check on zoopla.com to see what the market rent for your property is. In the end if you don't want to move, consider what rent rise will be acceptable to you e.g. £20 as compared to moving and try to negotiate. I had two rounds of negotiations last time with my landlord last time.
  7. Thanks , what's is the end game? What's is stopping bank of England printing more money after they have already printed £275 billion? And don't tell me it's inflation because Mev doesn't give a shit about inflation?
  8. Quite glad to see this post, that somebody gets it, couldn't agree more! Fed up with boring conservative people who thinks everybody has to do what they did and no logical question should be asked.
  9. awaiting media headlines now like 'house prices treading water' , 'moving sideways', or anything else apart from falling down!
  10. Apparently , they are going to inflate themselves out of debt. They think the uk public can manage this in small blows through inflation , then to increase the interest rates. BoE works only for fellow bankers and can't give a damn about what happens to the general public. It seems BoE is saving a bank run by doing all this. I would rather get over with it and get my savings from the Financial Services Compensation scheme (FSCS) and let banks go bankrupt and start again with responsible banking. never going to happen though..
  11. There is big diffrence between changing a policy on an issue like immigration to manage it and saying lets get out of EU. i will never vote for a party like UKIP and i don't think that sorting out immigration and getting out of EU will solve much of housing problems. We live in a global world, UK economy is not sustainable without EU . what exactly UK has got apart from a monster banking system which is holding gun on uk govt and telling them what to do? It will be a political suicide.
  12. Not really, highly skilled migrants are in demand all over the world, UK is not seen as preferred destination anyways.what too much flogging will do is to drive away highly skilled migrants who add to the economy and pay for lot of Brits on Benefits and you are left wilth asylum seekers, low skilled eu migrants. There are obviously low skilled migrants from non-eu but they have lot more controls on them. The immigration policy should be based on skills not country of origin. Agree with you that govt should manage eu migration but we don't have much control over what govts do apart from votin
  13. First of all, the govt has no control of people coming from europe. What govt can do and has done is to flog the non-eu immigrants over and over again and make a big news about it. This actually hurts the economy and the whole concept of demand and supply driving housing Market is flawed. It's the cheap credit and low interest rates which are keeping the house prices from crashing.
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