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  1. GeordieAndy

    Quarter of a rasher a day..... LOL

    I totally agree. This article quite rightfully proposes we should all at least REDUCE our meat consumption each week to try and survive as a species - framing this thread as "quarter of a rasher a day" is just crap sensationalism the likes of The Daily Mail use to get clicks from stupid people. Remember when meat was "a treat"? A lot of the comments in this thread also highlight the selfish individualism that is the root cause of so much misery and unhappiness in the World today even if most people can't see this still. It also really amuses me that those who see themselves as some sort of intellectual heavyweights on here have fallen for the coporate giants advertising lines such as "because I'm worth it". It's even funnier (and sadder) when these same people then sound like a toddler when trying to justify their "free will" when arguing they should be allowed to buy and consume as much of the endless factory farmed, antibiotic pumped meat and plastic tat without taking any personal responsibility. YOU are part of the problem if you can't see the link between subsidising these corporate giants endlessly raping the Earth and it's contents to create growth and profit for their shareholders. The sooner people's 'free will' leads to their early death from such endless and thoughtless consumption the better the World will be for the rest of us - Darwinism usually wins in the end!
  2. GeordieAndy

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    You might indeed be naturally introverted but that doesn't mean you have be unhappy! If you have never done this exact test before try going on www.16personalities.com and take their test for free which despite some shortcomings (Myers Briggs) I think is a vital first step in finding out that you are not unique in your struggles or personality type. After that I would recommend reading the following which is a great overview of what happiness actually is https://www.njlifehacks.com/how-to-be-happy/ Another couple of really useful processes for me when I was struggling with life a bit a few years ago was reading about Stoicism which the njlifehacks site above also has a good introduction on. Finally try and find some real time to come up with around 5 core values that you think are best for you - not what you think others think you should be. With these you can then use these to guide you in all life decisions - both business and pleasure and if you're life compliments these everything becomes a lot less effort and happier 🙏
  3. GeordieAndy

    Yellow Vest Protests

    Looks like more than "a few protesters" that the mainstream media IF they bother to report have been saying to me!". Maybe the French people aren't so keen on Macron's recent speeches and his latest ideas of effectively twinning with Germany in various areas! https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-12/watch-absolute-mayhem-yellow-vests-battle-french-riot-police-during-9th-week Go look on the BBC web site and even in News > Europe there is ZERO mention of today's 9th protests in France only the story about a gas explosion in a bakery 🤔
  4. GeordieAndy

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    I don't think anything sums up all this data collection and invasion into our habits and lives better than this video over this track which is from 2003 (yes 15 years ago) which was way before Facebook and most of this recent cloud data harvesting really kicked off...
  5. GeordieAndy

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    Haha private companies whose sole purpose is to maximise profits and returns to shareholders are suddenly going to actively look and help you the end customer to pay them less for their services!? This is the same set of companies who have been ripping off the poor for decades via PAYG card / key meters and not telling standard customers if they themselves could save money by automatically offering them lower tariffs on another tariff they offer 😂
  6. GeordieAndy

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    This! Smart meters mean giving the power companies and government etc more data so they charge you more for the same utilities in the future. It also will mean (it it hasn't already) they can also use the data to package your usage patterns up and sell it for the next wave of highly targeted marketing crap.
  7. Surely even the most ardent remainers can see that Cameron and various others have come back from the EU in nearly all negotiations empty handed? All attempts the UK has made to try and reform the crony capitalist EU machine from within have failed. The UK was becoming further isolated by (quite rightfully) not committing to the ridiculous one size fits all ideology of the €, not wanting to be part of an EU Army (we were told this wasn't even going to happen before the vote!) And not wanting to be part of even deeper integration and loss of hard fought sovereignty. Also let us all not pretend that Germany calls the shots / has the final say on all EU things as they are the strongest member in the same way as any leader naturally emerges in all group dynamics. There may be hope for some remainers paying the protection money to the EU mafia but I would suggest it's misplaced due to the above as people all across Europe have seen their wages decrease, rights curtailed and individual identities crushed all whilst being part of the 'amazing' EU club! I would go as far to suggest that if there was a referendum tomorrow across each European state ordinary Spanish, Italians, French, Greeks and possibly others would follow the UK's leading and pull the plug on the failed EU experient. Politics needs overhauling radically globally as the old methods don't work in 2018 and maybe the French will do this first via their yellow vest protests but I hope the UK plays a large part in such changes and leaving with no extortion money for a deal is our first step.
  8. Surely all leave voters were progressive in the sense they wanted to see some sort of positive change for their lives in the UK i.e. progression rather than more of the same they had experienced whilst being in the EU club under various UK Governments? In contrast Remain voters were simply voting for more of the same which is surely the least progressive 🤔 I personally think it can all be summed up as... Vote leave = hope Vote remain = fear
  9. Hadn't seen this petition but over 130,000 others have who want to leave with no deal: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/229963
  10. Did you not see the video apparently demonstrating exactly this above? YouTube version here:
  11. I get your point and agree EV vehicles are simpler mechanically and therefore less maintenance etc however with the above there would be no need to use even more of the earth's resources to replace all the current ICE transport with 'greener' EV vehicles which aren't really as per many of the posts in this thread. With regards to cows and Co2 I have no disagreement and highly recommend Conspiracy to anyone that wants their eyes opening to the damage eating red meat is doing to the planet.
  12. The whole move to electric vehicles is pointless if we can take Co2 out of the atmosphere and provide carbon neutral or even carbon negative fuel to power all current ICE vehicles isn't it? I can't believe the technology mentioned in the video I linked to earlier isn't more well known as it could kill multiple issues at a stroke.
  13. Great thread but don't think I have seen this posted yet... Making fuel for existing ICE vehicles from CO2 emissions As the guys in the clip saysnnearer the end - moving everyone to electric is far more complicated than changing how we produce the fuel for our current vehicles.
  14. I was here many years before I went on your ignore list but just got sick of you bashing anyone on here who doesn't have the same views as you and I'm not afraid to argue back. It's also no surprise you have gone back and edited your earlier post to rewrite history whilst I suspect whining to the mods again to have my other one deleted to keep your echo chamber just how you like it 🙄
  15. No he only views those posts from people he hasn't blocked in a childish rage i.e. those in his own little echo chamber 😂

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