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  1. this particualr thread is just about the biggest load of tosh i've ever heard... it's the same nonsense that kept the bloke who started it waiting for 12 years (12 YEARS, f'chirst's sake) to get on with his life. presumably, in that time he's seen property prices triple so, well done HPC for continuing the propaganda that keeps the hopeless waiting in the wings! blaming the EAs, or the market or the good weather or Mammon for property being unaffordable for you is the same as waving your fist at the sun for being hot... a home isn't something you sit around and wait for unless it's your onl
  2. that's the rouble with the internet, it lets no-neck, selfish gits like this have an opportunity to sit on their **** at home and pontificate about the world. some of the comments on this site are bloody deplorable... the very idea that the possible death of old folk should be a discussion point on hpc is just plain wrong. it's not funny or ironic or 'just' objectivity. we have plenty of money in this country (we're supposed to be the fourth richest, f'christ's sake) but talking about death as a financial opportunity is just plain wrong. EDITOR: where's your responsibility to uphold a leve
  3. more anecdotal stuff: i work in property renovation in london... i've been told on several occasions that planning control depts in local councils are so short staffed that they're just saying a flat 'no' to 50% of applications as they just can't handle the workload... but you take your pick whether that's evidence of staff reductions or growth in residential building projects...
  4. unfortunately, there's nothing typical about refurbs... unless you're just talking about labour costs and, even then, it depends what part of the coutnry you're in... i've just project managed a bathroom refurb that cost 20k on its own! of course, it was in kensington... also doing a two bed refurb with skylight, kitchen, living room, some reskimming (not all by any means), bathroom refit... coming in at 40k. but 20k sounds like topps tiles and B&Q to me (not that there's anything wrong with that).
  5. on the interest rates they charge for payday loans (roughly 2500% pa according to those daytime ads i see on days off) i reckon 600 quid loan left unpaid for a year will be 'worth' 1.5 mill... anyone wanna borrow a tenner?
  6. christ on a bike! you wasted your own time getting in touch with the serious fraud squad because someone valued their property at more than you were prepared to pay? i think you've been on this site toooooooo long if you now feel that over-optimistic pricing is on a par with drugs, prostitution and murder. you need to get out more... or at least temper your indignation by visiting a few fun sites once in a while...
  7. the reason city centre prices are cheaper (and you'll find that 120k is at the bottom of the top end where st pauls and the mailbox are the prime spots) and you can find resales for around the 90k for 2b, 2b) is that there are far, far too many of them around and few with parking allocation... if it weren't for BTLers taking up some of the slack, and, as has already been said are plenty unoccupied, they'd be even cheaper. most of the unis are either in perry barr (not desirable but cheap) or edgbaston/harborne, the latter being the most desirable area in brum). and students just don't want to
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