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  1. When there's an election in May, "Can we put off raising rates? Yes We Can!"
  2. Hello? We have a knowledge based economy. Its based around ID cards, databases, and council and public sector jobsworths sticking their noses into people's business - now thats what Labour call real 'knowledge'
  3. Not at all, she's laying some foundations for Gordon. She's seconded to the G20 till around May 2010, just when Gordon will be looking for a nice Great Leader Needed To Save The World G20 job After destroying the UK, our crazed One Eyed Scottish [email protected] has far grander career plans - a nice new position as Leader Of The World no less
  4. 80% up YOY but down MOM - not sure by how much [bBC describes it as a "dip... after months of rises "]
  5. Why not? - because its different here. Japan may be more "crowded" but the Japanese are generally smaller than us, so it couldn't happen here +1. Doh! - just spotted the above comment also along my lines of arguement - nice point about obesity too
  6. Till you can buy a house for the price of a Mars bar
  7. He does have a point, as Gordon simply has to wave his magic QE wand, and Hey Prescott, the debt has dissappeared! Simples
  8. Its a good job Gordon Brown didnt put the Lloyds/HBOS deal together
  9. I suggest you give it another go - this time treat it a bit like a 2006/7 mortgage application, and be a little more "creative" - you'll be pleasantly surprised
  10. For the long-term sake of the party, facing defeat in both scenarios, Mandelson will force Brown to go for a quickie October 22nd election on the line of "Dont let the Tories wreck the Recovery" This will be announced at end of Browns Labour conference speech, nicely writting off the Tory conference, along with a promise that Brown will stand down whatever the result - thus adding an element of 'new leader, should I give them another chance?' to the minds of swing voters Brown will then come down with suspected swine flu, and The Dark Lord will take the helm for the 3 week campaign. Labour
  11. Saw a hilarious job title on Sky news this morning - Some brother described as a 'TUC Economist' An oxymoron if ever there was
  12. I read that were in for an Alphabeti Spagetti shaped recession
  13. Or the ecos, wanting to protect wildlife - imagine flocks of birds BBQing as they fly through the high-power solar beam I guess they could open a Nandos nearby...
  14. Theyve already built/building large power plants with this technology in California [here in the UK were "best placed to lead", about 35th in the world green technolgy league tables] http://www.brightsourceenergy.com/
  15. They do this simply so they can find out how much you can afford, and use this infomation in negotiations, knowing how far they can push you
  16. Exactly - which is why voters will be happy to choose 20% cuts in public spending when offered as the alternative to eye watering tax rises
  17. Only with half the money, the rest would just be frittered away
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