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  1. Me again, just looking at my asset mix - being early forties and approx 8-10 years away from FIRE/ having enough to consider it: 28% cash/low % interest accounts - higher than I like, but idea was to save for a house, so went low risk and didn't put in S+S 72% Stocks/shares (low cost trackers) If I buy a property as described above my mix changes: 15% Home/property 22% cash/low % interest accounts 60% Stocks/shares (low cost trackers) Now I want to diversify, is 2-3% in Crypto and 2-3% in Metals a reasonable strategy? (reducing cash part?)
  2. Thanks for the tip. The telegraph used to have a buy vs rent calculator, but accessing it today I can find the page via Google but no calculator, can other see the same, with or without java script enabled?
  3. Thanks Guys, my own FIRE journey is not too limiting, we have enough gadgets and toys and I don't mind driving an old banger. ideally I want to travel more via mini retirements (I like trekking in foreign climes) but travel is squashed by Covid at the moment, and work wise, many people don't like seeing gaps in employment...am still working on that one. I'll take your advice under consideration, think buying a small house and living an easy life is best option, but Wife wants to 'remodel' everything, so that could eat into FIRE fund. Might have to give in to that one, within reason for a
  4. Ah yes, my spreadsheets get more playtime than my XBOX!
  5. Am thinking that buying a house will give me less of a headache from the wife nagging me. personally i want to get to FIRE quickly and go travelling again, or at least plan it for when my Son goes to Uni in circa 10 years!
  6. Can I get some advice (it's a little off topic)? Have been on the FIRE journey for past 10 , in my early 40s and am halfway towards my nominal goal of 1 mill (4% withdrawal = £40k) I had planned for another 7/8 to get to my target, based on current earnings, with ISA funding retirement till 57 when I can access the pension. It helped that the place we rented was very cheap for the road, and convenient for the school my Son will go to for next 5 years. However with the current frenzy my landlord is selling up. So I have started to consider buying. I have approx 180 for all b
  7. Thanks for heads up, I better clear my diary and get myself certified.
  8. Apologies for late reply, I work for a SaaS provider for travel industry, looking to widen my scope hence a multi industry focused CRM provider like Salesforce. Follow the FI path so savings wise I can go without work for a while if I need to. Before I jump I think I will look for some reassurance that there is demand in what I plan to train in first.
  9. Bit of a random topic, but thinking of retraining to get a salesforce qualification. Anyone done it, or know if the job prospects afterwards are good? The course is effectively free , just needs 2 to 3 months time commitment. Cheers, J
  10. I couldn't claim anything, as I only had 1 yrs tax return not 2. Seems a little unfair to me....
  11. that's an enviable position to be in I see 6 months is your target timeframe, but I guess you will wait and watch the market. Reason I ask about timings is my broker says that a mortgage offer typically only lasts 3 months nowadays before it needs to be renewed (for an admin cost). But having an offer/proof of capability to buy, gives a buying advantage.
  12. but how much is cheeky? match what they paid for it 10 years ago. or 10 years ago price plus inflation? or 20,30, 40% off the high price they have in their mind now?
  13. sorry to hijack post, what sort of timelines do people think it will take to reach the new bottom, 3 months, 6 months, 18 months? My Wife and I are both self employed with 130k savings, we could secure a 75% LTV mortgage now, and there is an empty house on our road and our Son will be attending local school for 5 more years. Worth making cheeky offers on empty properties now, or will there be 2x, 3x more properties to choose from once the props have been removed? but again, what time frame are we looking at here?
  14. Thanks for the great link, have you seen any articles charting the lockdown deadline dates by country, in Europe for example.
  15. How.much are these things, I could do with one for my high altitude trekking when we are allowed to travel again...
  16. Starting to happen now in France with unemployed due to lack of seasonal immigrants.
  17. Thanks, i might have to look into this procedure more.
  18. off topic, but as someone who is self employed if one of my clients cannot pay my monthly invoice, is there any help from government for that? sorry if should be in another topic thread.
  19. any tips? we currently split as follows: LIDL (veg and fruit) Waitrose (meat) Tesco (canned goods and cereals/pasta)
  20. Rental cost seems way too high, we live in a house that would easily sell for 500k and our rent is 1350....
  21. driving anywhere in the UK hasn't been fun for 20 years, given how busy the roads are nowadays.
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