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  1. Rental cost seems way too high, we live in a house that would easily sell for 500k and our rent is 1350....
  2. driving anywhere in the UK hasn't been fun for 20 years, given how busy the roads are nowadays.
  3. Are people on this forum selling with a view to 're-buy after this settles?
  4. serious question, worth considering liquidating contents of a SIPP in order to re-buy later down the line, or best to hold nerve?
  5. Did the article claim a 450k house was being rented for 2300. I doubt that high a yield is possible.
  6. off topic, but Allsopps auction is tomorrow, be interested to see if lots of BTL dumping here.....
  7. What we need is a nice infographic showing how much these people are avoiding paying, perhaps translated into number of nurses we could hire or number of hospital beds the tax could pay for each year...something people are sensitive about. Also how well taxed is airbnb, you could probably work out a properties occupancy and average rate (I know someone who could do this) and from that infer a % tax. Note, this assumes that airbnb property owners are also avoiding tax. Anyone know?
  8. Dear all, Very anecdotal, but my sis in law is an estate agent in Hammersmith told me an interesting story at the weekend. Young Chinese guy bought an off plan river flat for 1.4 mill, using 20% deposit. Now crapping himself as says he is unable to get the remainder owed out of China and hence wants to sell asap.... told there are no buyers looking. Will likely make a massive loss! Cant be the only one. Bring on the crash...
  9. wish i had ordered my paperback yesterday when delivery was estimated 22/23rd, would have enjoyed it while enduring the relatives visits over xmas, now mine is due to arrival on 28th lookign forward to it mind
  10. on the topic of good quality stuff, is there a site that lists stuff that lasts, most things I buy nowadays seem to last a few years and are then defunct!
  11. Damn, as someone who finally plucked up the courage to spend half my £60k pension pot in my SIPP on funds / etfs (half on the Vanguard LFS 80, half on VWRL) am feeling quite silly right now. Should I reverse my action, am only a few hundred quid down...
  12. I agree, £30K is not enough, we are a family of 3 in zone 6 London (2 late 30s working adults and a 2.5 year old who is at nursery part time) and our yearly spend is closer to £45K at £3.5-4K per month, looking at my money dashboard app I can see last month for example: Rent -£1350 Nursery £675 Food £450 Commute costs £160 Council Tax £135 Gas and leccy £110 Media bundle £90 Mobiles £60 Petrol £70.... Rest is frittered away somehow... I suspect life would be a bit more comfortable if I hadn't bothered with uni and had just bought a house at 18, I could have been mortgauge free by now, and if I had Grandparents locally to babysit, half my expenses would disappear in one swoop!
  13. there should be a reward system to let HMRC know about stuff like this, I reckon I could make it into a 2nd income stream with all the dumb amateur landlords I know who don't bother doing this.
  14. I would disagree, living in Southeast I don't know any families with 2 cars. In fact my parents, surviving on my Dad's medium income had a lot bigger house, drove 2 cars and we took plenty of holidays. Nowadays I earn 3x average income and my wife 2x and yet we do not have the expendable income my parents used to have.
  15. Am catching up on this thread, quick question, should I rush to put cash into my SIPP before the 16th, planning to hold as cash and buy stock at a later date... in case higher rate tax relief is reduced?
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