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  1. It's a local line, yea sorry some of the words were missing or misspelt in the original post, my keyboard was acting up funny. Thnx for the brilliant advice and wise words guys, house hunting is so much more easier when people like yourself are so helpful. There's a train station about 3 min walk so that's good, also there is open views to the rear so another plus point, there are no houses on other side of train line so I suppose that's good too. I'm gonna view the property again just to double check everything and get a proper feel of the area soon, hopefully next week.
  2. Does having a railway line running behind the house make a difference to the price? sorry for the silly questions but its just that im a first time buyer so have no experience of these things. its not rite u against the property, u cant the trains going by, but i suppose it must make some difference?
  3. Im looking at buying a house in Glasgow, its been on the market for more than 2years (i know this as i used property-bee) it was innitialy on for £155K, but was reduced to fixed £135k, but has been at that price for at least 18 months. I also found out using Zoopla that the house previousley sold for £135k in 2006!!! using zoopla and the info i know about the house by the listing details, its currently valued by zoopla at £125k - they r very confident in their rating, i know this does not replace a real surveyor, but it should be a guide i suppose. What i wanted to know was, considering its
  4. 900 millis not billis. did the benefit scroungers get hit hard enough? i dont think so.
  5. yea so they keep telling us, ive been keeping an eye on property prices in the southside as im looking to buy my 1st HOME next year if things go as planned ---------- prices go downwards and if im able to save a big enough deposit. according to the places im looking at prices are only going to go down next year, as some have already dropped their asking prices by asmuch as £10,000 - £15,000 already. still too expensive for my liking.
  6. Well if theres no jobs theres no paypacket, if theres no paypacket there has to be a decline in prices maybe not a cliff drop but certainly a steady decline is on the horizon.
  7. Will i ever have a home of my own???

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