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  1. @ChumpusRex: Many thanks for your reply. I learn a lot from you. You mentioned there is also a "record date", which is a couple of days after the ex-dividend date. Does that mean if my purchase transaction cannot be completed by that day, I am still not eligible for dividend? Does buying at the day prior to ex-dividend date guarantees dividend payment? Many thanks.
  2. Hi I am new to stock investment. I have a question related to Ex-Dividends date. I buy shares from my online broker. The broker quote me a price for 15 seconds, I buy the share if I accept the price within 15 seconds. However, it normally takes several days to "complete" the purchase. My question is that whether I am eligible for dividends at the point I accept the price and buy the share OR I have to wait until it completes? For example, if a company has Ex-dividend date on 15th. If I buy a share on 14th, it will be "completed" by 18th. In this case, am I eligible for dividend on 15th? Many thanks
  3. Hi I am new to property investment. I am thinking to invest in residential properties around 100K ideally in new build properties. I am living in London but there is no way to invest here with this budget. The two places for investment in my mind are Manchester and Birmingham. Both cities have got properties in city centre area around 100K or even 80K. The rental income is between £500 - £700 each moth which is not bad. My question is that which of these two cities have more potential in the future for Capital growth and rental growth. Many thanks
  4. HI I am buying a freehold house and it will complete tomorrow. I am a first time buyer and does not have any experience on it. I want to ask how many document I will have eventually to prove the ownership of the property. Some of my friends told me there are two but they are not sure. Can someone help? Regards, Kevin
  5. Hi, I am a first time buyer and currently in the process of complete my house purchase. I have a question regarding a search that checks if the seller has outstanding mortage on the property. Is it something we normally do? If yes, when shall we do it? Some people says it can only be done after completion, is it true? Could it be possible that the seller take the money without paying off his outstanding mortgage and the bank want to reprocess my property? Many thanks
  6. thanks everyone for your answer. I have spoken to my solicitor and she confirms this will not affect my house insurance. I have exchange arrange next week. Good luck everyone!
  7. HI, I have a question regarding building regulation approval. I am buying a property which is generally good and passed valuation. However, my lawyer found that an internal conversion of the property does not have planning permission (it is required though) and building regulation approval. From the legal side, the lawyer has asked the seller to buy a indemity insurance and I am not so worry about this. My question is will lacking building regulation approval invalidate my house insurance? Shall I inform my mortgage lender about this issue although I have got the mortgage offer already? I bought the house insurance from my mortgage lender, but I am a little worried that they approve my mortgage but does not insure my property. Could anyone share your opinion? Many thanks.
  8. Sorry. Got you. You mean Racecourses Estate in Bletchley. Looks like a nice area. Thanks for the advise. Any other areas in Milton Keynes that worth investing?
  9. Hi Thanks for your reply. Do you mean Racecourse in Ipswich?
  10. HI, Does anyone know if Milton Keynes a place worth investing at the moment? A 2 bed flat £140,000 has a rental income of £700. Thanks.
  11. thanks for your advice. How long it takes to complete a house purchase in average? I am a first time buyer.
  12. HI Thanks for your reply. I am applying a 25 years mortgage. Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: you mentioned I have to keep them updated if my circustance changes. Do you mean I should do this within the 25 years time or just before the purchase complete? Many thanks
  13. Hi, I have a question regarding mortgage. I am in the process of applying a mortgage and just had the interview today. Expected to get the result next week. I don't think there are any problems of passing it. The question is that I want to resign my current job and rest for couple of months and start doing freelancing. Is it possible for me to resign immediately after the mortgage is approved? Will the bank do another employment check before the transaction complete (at that time I may have already leave my current job)? I don't have problem repaying the mortgage. Just worry about the lender keep monitoring my employment status before the deal complete. Many thanks, silentray
  14. Hi This is my third post to ask for a specific area. Some of my friends recommend Dulwich as a good area to live. It is actually a very large area surrounded by some bad area. Can someone point out which area of Dulwich worths buying? Many thanks
  15. Hi, I started this topic because I have seen some properties in Ruislip that has a very fair price. No idea about this area. £350K for a semi-detached house doesn't really seem like house price in London. I assume this area is not particularly good or not good at all. Is this true? Is this a fair area to live? Regards
  16. Hi, Thanks all for your reply. I am now looking a property in outter London (within M25). Can you name a few good towns in outter London? It could be west, south west, or north London. Many thanks
  17. Hi thanks for the reply. I don't think £300K for a 2 bed flat is cheap at all. However, compare the flat price in Hampstead....... I counldn't afford even a 1 bed there in Hampstead I had been living in Manchester for years and just came to London in 2007. I only have a very basic understanding about London house price. Can you give me some suggestions about where to invest my first home in London? Many thanks.
  18. Hi, I am looking for a 2-3 bedroom flat around London. No particular area. I found there are a large number of new developments in Stratford for sale in a relatively low price (under 300K for two beds). Can someone let me know why flat price in Stratford stays relatively low compared to other places in London? Will the 2012 Olympics push the flat price high in Stratford?
  19. Hi, Many thanks for your advice I will definitely take your advice and hold until next year. I am still new to property market and hope to learn from HPCs. Regards
  20. Birmingham is the closest big city from London. I am also thinking about Bristol and Manchester? Any suggestions?
  21. Hi Thanks for your suggestions. I now have a rough idea about the area. I work in London but cannot really afford a property in London and I don't want to trap myself in a big mortgage. I won't be here in London for long and don't really want to compete with bankers. I can probably afford to cash-buy 2 bed property in Birmingham. Thinking to buy one to let and probably my future home.
  22. Hi, I am thinking to invest in 2 bed flats in Bristol. Could anyone show me the area in Bristol that worth investing? I am generally looking for 2 or 1 bed flats in Bristol < 150K. Many thanks.
  23. Hi, Thank you very much for your reply, which avoids another financial disaster happens on me Can you point me to the areas in Birmingham that worths investing apart from Edgbaston/Harborne? Some one told me Sutton Coldfield is a good area in Birmingham. Regards Kevin
  24. Hi, I am thinking to buy a property in Birmingham for investment purpose. I am living in London and don't know much about Birmingham. What I found is that the city centre properties are generally cheaper than some other areas about Birmingham, like Edgbaston. New flats (two-bed) are generally asked for £120K - £150K. However, new properties in Edgbaston or Aston are somewhere around £180K. Can someone let me know where is the best area in Birmingham? Many thanks, Regards, Kevin
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