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  1. I had a discussion today, and a friend is hoping to complete on his first BTL paying cash for a three bedroom detached house in a modern estate in Rhyl , North Wales. He has paid 69k and it has a tenant in situation, producing a gross return of approx 7- 8%. The virtually identical house next door was sold for 95k in March 2012. I advised him against BTL a year ago, but this looks a pretty good deal on paper. House is for sale due to divorce and was bought for 40k new 17 years ago. I have some cash, still staying away from property, but not making much money elsewhere. Comments welcome!
  2. I give £15 a month to the NSPCC. Just lately they have been ringing me as often as the PPI people, to thank me for my donation , and telling me that I could leave them some money in my will. I told them that if they kept harassing me , I would stop the donation. They have not phoned since, shame that I can't stop the PPI people as easily! I have been shocked by charities because some friends of mine started a cancer charity. Their mission statement said they were building cancer centres around the world, blah , blah! They built one! Their lifestyle has gone through the roof, they fly everyw
  3. The biggest problem that I have found with "state" and private schools is one of averages. Less intelligent pupils need to reach the 5 GCSE grades to make the school hit the o prospertarget, if the kid is above this, they receive very little support. Private schools are competing at a high level, so they need results to prosper. In a quiet suburb in Wales, my kids private school has achieved a very high ranking in co-educational private schools, due possibly to recruitment of very bright over seas students that have a very good educational system back home, but believe that UK schools are b
  4. Putting yourself out there is not an easy thing, this was me, you have to click on the audio link halfway down: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/7679366.stm Thank fully, we have had 91 pence in the pound back now. Strange to be a clever twit and avoid the recession, only to get into hot water with a so called financial advisor! Have to thank this site though, I found JD through it, and I'm sleeping an awful lot better at night now!
  5. More truth about the mess we are in: http://jonathandaviswm.com/jonathan-davis-media/525/
  6. http://cynicuseconomicus.blogspot.co.uk/ Mods, can we pin this thread at the top please?
  7. I had an astonishing conversation before the 2008 bust with a person who was a retired finance director of a very large PLC. He had advised his children not to pay off any part of their mortgages because in twenty or so years time, that mortgage would only be a small portion of their annual salary, secured against a massively increased house value.
  8. Thanks for the reply, as far as I am aware if you buy, you can sell to Joe Public provided they meet the "criteria" eg over 60 etc, so a difficult sell I think. My m-in-law is looking to rent one, and then rent out her three bedroomed house. My worry is that she will have loads of hassle doing this at 80 years old. My main worry is giving up financial control of your home, at a time when we are facing a possible financial meltdown, and we are not certain of what the funds the government will have in the future to run these things.
  9. Hi, My mother-in-law, is thinking of getting involved in one of these. Does anyone have any information about how they work? I feel that giving up your own home and independence if you can help it , is not worth it. I think buying care in your own home would be cheaper and far more easy to control. Here are a few costs involved: Cost to buy £156K - one bedroom £178K - two bedroom Rent - (you can buy 50%, 60%.70% 80% 90% and pay rent on remainder) one bedroom - £100 per week two bedroom - £110 per week Service charge - £90 per week Provided - daily 3 course meal - £15 weekly Fr
  10. We are talking private pensions here are we? How much confidence do you have in the state pension in 15-20 years time?
  11. A friend of mine supplies M & S with silk flowers, potpouri, and gift type stuff, and he is 20-30% down across the board on orders.
  12. About a £150k, but more importantly, it is being in a position to take advantage of buying opportunities as they present themselves. Now you have read the above, I will have to kill you!
  13. The man is as mad as a hatter! I would say that because he is my wealth manager, and it took me three years to find someone that could see the proper picture. The majority of the rest of the IFA's are commission hungry salesmen. How many other so called "advisors" called the top of the market on May 1st, and protected their clients from the current situation. I found him through this site, so a big thanks. I am sleeping very well since I became one of his clients, and I am now off the whiskey and valium!
  14. I've ben wondering this myself. Someone just bought ten flats in a court yard type thing, not a block, all one bedrooms. He paid £250,000 and the current rent is £220 per month, this is in Denbigh North Wales.
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