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  1. For investment, putr you money in a savings account, use up ISA allowance first. For recreation, go to your nearest public woodland.
  2. Just though I would add. 1 cow (plus calf i think) needs on acre of good grass to be feed all year round (e.g including making silage/hay) 10 sheep also need one acre. 1 standerd (becoming a large one now) allotement, is 10 poles approx 250m2 or 1/18 of an arce is enough to feed a family of 4 on vegatables all year (we are coming up to the hungry gap). Meat used to be a luxury rarely eaten.
  3. What's wrong with ICICI? They do paid into the protect scheme thingy, so you will get your £31,700 out of £35,000 back.
  4. Mythtv is by far the best choice for a geek. My set top box has no moving parts (if you listen really carefully though I can hear the network card). Currently can record 3 channels with my 3 TV cards (yes it does occasionally happen) soon to be 3 multiplexes. Plus it can easily play downloaded TV series etc.. with a high WAF.
  5. No, the first to go would be TTRTR, um where is he? I am not allowed to tell you because my post will be band if I do.
  6. Found it here http://www.communities.gov.uk/index.asp?id=1147889 Not quite right, you can just go undetected for 4 years. Time Limits and Lawful Development Certificates 5.29 The four-year and ten-year time limits for taking enforcement action were introduced in 1991 following recommendations in the Carnwath Report. These time limits are important cut off points for taking enforcement action. After expiry of the relevant periods - 4 years in the case of operational development and breaches relating to use as a single dwelling house and 10 years for any other breach of planning control - the breach of development control becomes immune from enforcement action and thereby lawful. If a breach has gone undetected for so long it can be argued that it has not had a detrimental impact. There is little purpose in enforcing for enforcement's sake. However, this does not remove the perception that someone has 'got away with it', or the possibility that, once lawful through the passage of time, a use might intensify to a point where it did cause harm but nonetheless remained lawful. If the concept of acquired lawfulness for planning purposes through the passage of time were to be abolished it could prove unduly burdensome for businesses to have to obtain a lawful development certificate. That said, where a use is long established, obtaining a lawful development certificate is unlikely to present a problem. Even if one were not sought, given the discretionary nature of enforcement powers, it is unlikely that authorities would seek to enforce in such circumstances. Government policy is against placing unnecessary regulatory burdens on businesses.
  7. I think it is 10 years for change of use except for changing to residential, where the council only have 4 years to object from when they are made aware, and you are living there without a break. (can't find link at the moment)
  8. If I had a wife that insisted on buying. Actually make it more realistic, if I had a friend how insisted on buying a house now I would recommend this scheme to them, depending on the rental costs! The company is betting on house price inflation, if it drops significantly they will go bust. If the house prices don't move then the company will struggle, as looking at the example the option price is 10% more than current market value (probably a high market value). Nothing mentions the rent figures though, which I bet is more than the market rate. I see 2% as a small cost compared to the possible HPC, and the company betting on HPI with the option price at 10% above its current market value is where they are trying to make the profit, but lack of rental cost figures the rent is bound to be high as well.
  9. Any land 5 acres or less is aimed at the Horse owners who seem more than happy to overpay for anything. Land around Bristol easily sells for more than £10k and acre below 5 acres. Where as above 10 acres it does get closer to £5k an acre.
  10. rent £650 tried to sell for £200k (believed EA) valued at £180k for BTL mortgage (which I think is about right) Yield = 4.3% Can't wait for bank base rate to rise.
  11. A1. hopefully Q1 2007 (not going to hold my breath) A2. Sharp fall for 3-5 years level off for 5 years (inflation slowing reducing values) slow increase for 3 years, then panic buying back, when we finally get back to 2004 levels madness of above 5 x earnings A3. bottom will be 2.8 x average earnings (55% fall).
  12. You not only have to buy at the right price, but you need to have a very quick turn around so your profit doesn't disappear.
  13. I think house prices will be below 3 times average earnings (they are currently 6), at the bottom, which may be in 5 years time. Although I think they will get down to 3.5 x in 3 years.
  14. I put my house on the market in January 2005 in Wokingham. I had 6 EA's around, they all said that it would be very easy to sell, very quickly (couple of weeks). 6 months and almost 3 EA's later I finally had a proccedable offer.
  15. They don't have too for a HPC. next door can sell for less than the new neighbours paid for a HPC to occur
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