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  1. thank you too your website is brilliant, i hope you make a few quid out of it!
  2. I wonder if the licence fee with have to go up if they lose Top Gear I would imagine it would.
  3. I haven't been campaigning. Don't really care either way as it doesn't effect me. My point was related to the news story making something out of nothing a non story and littered with misinformation.
  4. What a load of crap this is in this rag. Whitton has always been in Richmond borough, having a TW2 postcode. However there are a few roads that border hounslow that are in TW3, that now will change correctly to TW2 as they are Whitton/Twickenham roads. These people have been annoyed quite correctly as they have been paying Richmond council tax and yet stuck with having to write hounslow on their address.
  5. 'He now teaches people how to make money from BTL'! a retarded chimp could do it in a rising market. No skills or intelligence required just lucky timing. BTL slumlords are not financial whizzkids that for sure.
  6. My 335d xdrive is euro 6 and doesn't have that adblue rubbish. Build Feb 2014. I have always had petrols - this year bought a 335d x drive and its a serious weapon. Still sounds like a tractor when starting but the torque is insane and so addictive. I have had it 6 months and done 3k miles and I don't regret it. Still petrol probably next
  7. yes it was on BBC news the other day. Like the other ridiculous phrase - moving sideways http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/business-287743 Use a euphemism to be gentle.
  8. agreed, but some statins are out of patent such as simvastatin and cost pence. Unfortunately for people like me I have FH (gene defect) that means cholesterol can't be disposed of very well. I think about 1 in 500 have it in the UK. So even if I ate like a monk and exercised I still would probably have a heartattack/stroke by 50. I quit smokes and exercise a lot now, but diet could be better My score was around 12! shoud be 4, but thanks to statins and another drug (stanol) I am around 5. If both parents are carriers it gets into a different league again.
  9. Yes but if we flip this, if someone working (full 40 hours) can't afford to live where they want due to the ridiculous cost of property why should someone who doesn't work choose? I hope this comes accross as a warning to those who think freeloading on benefits is easystreet, so apply yourself. These people are desperate to stay in the dump that is brent. I'd take anywhere else Again its also highlights (as it appears to me) the biggest drain on taxpayers money is those in work via WTC not those outside it. Also if you are going to knock out a football team of kids don't expect others to pay for them. They end up being the victims in all this.
  10. I suppose to be fair that's what the EU did to Ireland on the Lisbon treaty. They just asked again until they said yes
  11. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimean_referendum,_2014 Choose 1) to join Russia choose 2) to join Russia
  12. IMO Just because the west are hypocrites doesn't make what Putin is doing any less outrageous. Effectively rigged vote and his henchmen had already invaded.
  13. Great post. I just traded in a 107 that cost 5.5k new. Via drivethedeal. I just needed something cheap to go small distances cost 20 quid for tax. Hardly drank, and 120 to service. That's cheap motoring, but at the same time it was so basic but perfect for my needs at the time. I traded it in for 4k after 3 years got have got more private. Didn't put a foot wrong either.
  14. Indeed that's a valid point. However I cycle to work mostly and my shorter trips do tend to include some decent revs to work out the engine. Fancy some euro trip in the summer as well.
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