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  1. Bring on QE2 as it will cause increased inflation. The only thing that saved the housing market so far was lower interest rates but higher inflation means higher interest rates ahead and we all know what that means. What'll happen to all those BTLs when their mortgage repayments exceed their rental income? they'll bail big time. house price mega crash here we come.
  2. as far as I'm aware debt to gdp is already over 300% when off balance sheet liabilities are taken into account
  3. Any thoughts on the effects of the spending review on the FTSE?
  4. er yes..post the link I'll buy a load then sell them on ebay the next day where they're going for £22-23 per oz ASEs Maples
  5. yes and the sooner those legions of public sector interfering busibodies and beurocratic jobsworths have too look for a proper job in the real world. like the rest of us, without the public sector silver spoon, the better, for everyone- especially my kids.
  6. Adrian Douglas answers that one here:(out Today) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JauDzIaZBPQ&feature=player_embedded
  7. Newsnight should be interesting tonite another focus on the USs 'problems'
  8. Newsnight should be interesting tonite another focus on the USs 'problems'
  9. This is def the smart money thread IMO pateintly waiting for the prices too fall knowing for months and months that they must come down and now its happening, your patience will be well rewarded. as will mine
  10. and this too from goldseek COMEX Gold and Silver Sell Off Likely To Be Greeted by Eager Physical Buyers
  11. Excellent new video from Inflation US Gold and Silver Prices Signal the Destruction of the Dollar
  12. The price needed a correction, can't see it going much below 1330,IMO Can't believe I'm looking at gold 1330 and thinking 'Wow that's cheap'!
  13. Hopefu;;y soon they will be renaming their fav housing prog Location location location to Repossession. repossession, repossession
  14. The premium on sovs is large. what would happen to their value should the condem gov in their hunger for revenue decided to remove sovs from thier special cgt protected status? I'll stick with krugs
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