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  1. My In-Laws have retired to Ashprington, near Totnes. We live closer to the New Forest and East Dorset. Geographically, I think parts of Dorset (Weymouth and Bournemouth areas) are better for transport links by Road and Train. In the South Hams, relatively short journeys take forever by car, and the whole area is very hilly. Some lovely beaches and Countryside, though. If you based yourself near Kingsbridge, you would have lots of options on beaches and villages. Also, a bit closer to Plymouth if you needed anything from a City.
  2. Mike, maybe have another look. We moved to a small village, 4 miles East of Salisbury. Traffic is never an issue for us going into and out of Salisbury. Really easy. I commute to Winchester in 30 minutes. Been here a couple of years now (Previously living in Winchester - like chalk and cheese) and loving it more and more. Great people, pubs, schools, outdoor living, and lots to do, in and around a small City. Location is great for London, Bath, Bristol, Coast, Country etc. We got a good deal on a big 3 bed bungalow, with enough room to extend considerably.
  3. Hi Mike, a little late in responding. Did you move to Salisbury?
  4. struggling to find last month's revisions as well
  5. 1. Headline statistics for November 2017 the average price of a property in the UK was £226,071 the annual price change for a property in the UK was 5.1% the monthly price change for a property in the UK was 0.1% the monthly index figure (January 2015 = 100) for the UK was 118.6
  6. I am of a similar complexion to these "Brown people". Look at the age and the gender of these "Brown people". That is one of the pertinent points. The unlimited nature of freedom of movement is a ticking, socioeconomic time bomb. Do you disagree?
  7. I am fortunate that i have good family connections in the States. I love(d) Britain but it has changed irrevocably in my book. Unlimited immigration, soft laws, the growth of the State and it's endemic corruption, ensure the feckless and the traitorous thrive in a crooked Country. Brexit was one last two finger salute to the Establishment and the freeloaders that align themselves with it.
  8. I am throwing in the towel. Having looked extensively at my search areas on Rightmove this past week, I wonder how any first time buyers would, or can, enter this market without fear. Land Registry shows prices doubling since 2007. Couple this, with a deeply entrenched, Banker/Political swamp, not even concealing their corruption and contempt for the plebs, it has come to the point where leaving these shores is the only option. Having done a couple of stints abroad, we should have made it permanent years ago.
  9. Love it. This is the best HPCism, since 'twigs in a vase'.
  10. Resurrecting this thread. I have seen lots of these popping up on my search area, the first seemed too good to be true. Knowing nothing about it, I did a google search and read a couple of hours worth of various forum pages. From what I can surmise, it seems like: A way for an EA to guarantee a 5K fee, for a property that would raise half of that if sold traditionally. The EA convinces the seller to use this method to push the fees on to the buyer. The "successful" seller does not pay estate agency fees but sells the property at way below market rate / previously sold prices.
  11. What has happened to his nose? He is beginning to look like one of Thomas The Tank Engine's friends.
  12. Ridiculous. How, in any shape or form, would Burslem be affected by Brexit. And it hasn't even happened yet. "Business Leaders" - Mwahahahahaha
  13. Hmmmm Brent. I wonder if the Landlord is of a certain group and if the tenants are in the Country legally? Prison for the Landlord and deportation for the illegals should be the only outcome. It needs to be clamped down wholesale. In the Landlord's defence, at least they weren't in a shed.
  14. I am calling the bottom of the top. It is all downhill from now. Finally.
  15. Contrary to Cleggy and Cameron's protestations, unelected President Juncker today announced the formation of an EU military and further EU expansionism. Yet another Remainer lie. Thank God we are out. Looking more and more like a fascist state by the day.
  16. Good for you. I will keep tabs and make sure you are on that flight. Genuinely. Best of luck. Actions speak louder than words.
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