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  1. 17 hours ago, Maximus Skepticus said:

    ...not Surface-to-Air-Missiles...but close ?

    I've just learnt a family memebr took on a SAM...I've done some research and sort of understand the crux of it....seems like the banks stooped to some dispicably low predatory loans even well before the sub-prime lending....pretty drastic agreement that some people accepted.

    Just wondering if anyone has any up-to-date info...I have wind of some petitioning, is this still current?

    Also, thoughts on SAMs, from banks side or mortgagee side? are they at the bottom of the poo pile? Not sure how i/o manage to escape similar fate....surely people taking on SAMs should have been offered i/o's

    This is where I start to demonstrate how ill-informed I am....

    any thoughts appreciated


    I'm glad that products like this are coming out. Whenever banks have to start dreaming up exotic forms of financial jiggery-pokery in order to keep their profits up it means that the end to this current madness can't be too far out of sight.

  2. 41 minutes ago, stingray192 said:

    a friend put an offer on one about 4-5 years ago, he put in £165K and wasn't the highest, it was a repossession needing work

    Sounds like he dodged a bullet. 

    I'm hearing stories of people with flats for sale just agreeing to whatever crazy offer comes back n because they know that they might not get another any time soon.

    That place on Virginia St. will undoubtedly be in a bad state of repair which could be a good bargaining chip if you really want it and aren't afraid to spend a bit of time/money on renovation.

    I'm going to favourite it to see what it eventually goes for.

    Edit to add: Here's the general condition of the place:



  3. 6 hours ago, cashinmattress said:

    Mr Taxi man neither. They're not claiming boom time.

    Funny you should mention taxi men. I heard of a lorry driver and former taxi  driver who is also a part-time book-keeper/accountant who does the books for a lot of Aberdeen taxi men; he has gone back to the taxis because he saw their profits going back up. Afaik he is near enough retirement with his home paid off and the taxi income is basically beer money but a few hours driving here and there whenever he wants probably suits him.

  4. Just because someone happens to have a picture of their house on the ASPC website doesn't necessarily mean that it's for sale. Judging from some of the ludicrous prices, a lot of these places will be sitting for a while yet. 

    I'll just keep checking back every day looking for that diamond in the coalmine.

  5. A lot about this story doesn't make sense.

    The couple went IO when the woman lost her job at 65. Exactly how long was she planning on staying working?

    The man was/is an accountant so ought to know a thing or two about finance. Why didn't he see this coming years ago and pay down the lump sum, move somewhere more affordable or get on the council housing list?

  6. 1 hour ago, Ah-so said:

    I saw this post on the Just Giving page - Mark Alexander really didn't like it.

    As someone who has had to pick himself up off the floor, dust himself down and start again a number of times, change can be scary but eventually you'll find you've become a stronger person for it. The going was good with BTL for many years and now it's starting not to be. BTL landlords need to learn to improvise, adapt and overcome, ideally by cashing out and trying something new.

    In other news, I went and bought some shares in the JC Decaux corporation, so in a way I've donated a negative amount to this campaign.

  7. If you have a garage full of classic Ferraris, it doesn't affect the price of Fiat Pandas.

    If you have a cellar full of vintage wines and malt whiskies, it doesn't affect the price of Jacob's Creek or Famous Grouse.

    If you have a wall covered in original Rembrandts, Monets, Picassos and Warhols, it doesn't affect the price of IKEA art prints.

    But if you hoard a 'portfolio' of homes using interest only mortgages and tax reliefs that aren't available to owner occupierd, you affect the price of other homes on the market.

    Section 24 levels the playing field and it won't be repealed any time soon no matter how much money you waste on billboards.

  8. 40 minutes ago, winkie said:

    There are people that would never purchase a staged house, like they wouldn't want to eat in a staged restaurant.....plastic/artificial props....a price not worth paying.

    .....prefer to go for the messy spacey but solid, lick of paint jobs......save yourself thousands for a few days decorating, some imagination and effort.

    I said pretty much these exact words to an amateur shutterbug acquaintance who was trying to drum up some side business as a house photographer. He shouted me down for being negative and asked what did I know anyway because I rent.

    Badly photoshopped grass on the lawns and extreme depth of field closeups of cooker knobs really gets me reaching for the chequebook (!)

  9. With regards to 18 plate cars, a lot of them are likely replacing 2015 models on a 3 year finance deal so rolling onto another Audi or whatever even if it's a lower spec keeps a shiny status symbol on the driveway even if there's never been more than £20 of fuel in the tank. Also tax changes to diesel cars mean it might make sense not to refinance an older model but to take out a new lease instead.

    Meanwhile an acquaintance who does up and sells cheap bangers is doing brisk trade for people, "just looking for a basic set of wheels and nothing fancy".

    Also job hopping by a relatively small subset of specialists in a specialised field doesn't exactly say much for the shape of the general economy.

  10. 38 minutes ago, Wayward said:



    Councils to be handed powers to double council tax on empty homes

    The UK government is introducing legislation designed to bring empty homes back into use by empowering councils to raise the amount of tax they can charge


    A step in the right direction but not enough...

    But but but what about the cash poor, property rich widows who are spending a few weeks/months in a nursing home until they get better?

  11. I'm seeing plenty of price 'updates' in my inbox every day.

    "Oh, you're knocking £2k off the 'offers over' price of your pokey former council flat in a poor state of repair and decoration with electric heating and an EPC of F a dodgy neighbourhood? Hold my beer while I find the chequebook!"

    If you were to believe that 6.9% statistic to be evenly distributed across all property types, my current front-runner is actually dropping in price faster than the amount I'm paying in rent for my current place.

  12. I'm seeing this too. ASPC in Aberdeen refer to it as an 'update'. Usually something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy being reduced by a couple of percent in a too little, too late attempt to capture the fabled spring bounce.

    "Oh, you're knocking £2k off the 'offers over' price of your pokey former council flat in a poor state of repair and decoration with electric heating and an EPC of F a dodgy neighbourhood? Hold my beer while I find the chequebook!"

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