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  1. 1 hour ago, stop_the_craziness said:

    Have our friends at Axe The Tennant Tax finally found a friend  at the Daily Mail?

    Rents to surge by 15% over next five years after tax squeeze on landlords slashes the number of properties coming on the market



    So they're going to see an annual increase of less than 3% for five years. That doesn't seem too bad in the grand scheme of things. I have certainly heard of people having to pay far bigger increases than that.

  2. 1 hour ago, quine said:

    This is incredible.  101 pages of property that has been vacant in Aberdeen for more than 6 months.



    Yes. The public face of the ASPC site and its quarterly reports only tell a fraction of the story. There were several flats in my old Street in Rosemount that never had a light on from one month to the next.

    Edit to add: I checked the list and it says 9. There were a few that I know to be empty that weren't included though, I guess if someone is keeping up the CT and various standing charges etc. then it isn't officially classed as empty.

  3. 1 minute ago, spyguy said:

    'Only worth as much as the buyer can get a mortgage for you '

    Fcxed it for you, fixing it for Winky.

    That almost goes without saying, most people need mortgages to purchase because how many people do you know with hundreds of thousands of debt free pounds burning a hole in their pockets?

    Obviously after the hpc, you'll be able to snap up a 5 bed overlooking Regent's Park for the price of a Gregg's sausage roll.

  4. If you think of any unfashionable place in the UK such as Scunthorpe, Airdrie, or Dewsbury and search on Rightmove for houses within 5 miles for over £800K you'll see enormous places with tennis courts and pony paddocks. Everybody knows this already so the BBC is wasting their time and licence payers' money.

  5. 10 hours ago, Ignorantbliss said:

    The building continues in the shire, was hearing that Stewart Milne want to build at least 76 new houses out at Sauchen in the next few years with an option to add a lot more if the Local Development Plan is amended.  Just wondering who on earth is going to buy them when there is so housing available nearer to the city.

    The Shire is full of villages like Sauchen that serve no purpose other than as dormitories. There's no shop, pub or even a church there so if you need a loaf of bread or a pint of milk, (edit to add: or a pint or a prayer)) you need a car or to catch the infrequent bus service to go to Dunecht or Alford. I can't see them being pleasant to live in for the elderly or teenagers and I don't think they're sustainable in the long term.

  6. 56 minutes ago, shortbread said:

    6112?! That's another 112 additional homes being put up for sale in 20 days!

    It seems the opposite of the SE of England where there is very little supply but apparently a lot of demand.

    The end result will remain the same a buyer will buy the house which best fits their needs at the most competitive price. It doesn't matter whether the house has been marketed for two days or two years.

    Plenty of bear food in those RM sales figures.

    With regards to the oil industry and Chevron getting rid of their platforms etc. I don't know much about the oil industry but for the.majority of staff won't this just mean little more than a change in email/office address? Death by a thousand cuts but still able to limp along for a few more decades?

  7. Latest Rightmove figures are out


    345 sold in May but none in April. Obviously some sort of mistake but it does increase my doubts about the cromulence of Rightmove as a statistical source.

     6112 for sale on ASPC and 784 for rent and 1409 for rent on Citylets at this moment in time.

    Various Q2 reports should start appearing fairly soon too.

  8. 2 hours ago, longgone said:

    not enough dried flowers and twigs painted in wheel paint.  

    mix up a bowl of yeast and leave it hidden in the kitchen for that authentic overpowering bread smell.

    you need lots of bread in property. ?

    You obviously know nothing about selling houses in the current market. At the very minimum, you need to organise a raffle or maybe throw in a a 'free' Mini with the sale, anything but lower the price. 

  9. 11 minutes ago, iamnumerate said:

    Where was this?  I doubt that would be true for London.

    Aberdoom. Sales volumes are through the floor and inventory rising constantly, but most sellers don't seem to have realised that their houses are overpriced and they continue to hold on for months (and years in some cases) for a buyer to come along. Part of me worries that I've bought a pig in a poor, because the seller let go too easily. Not reassuringly expensive enough.

    Still the 10% means I can buy a pot of Farrow & Ball instead of B&Q trade emulsion.

  10. 8 minutes ago, shavedchimp said:

    Buyers may be shunning 'vanity' prices because they're to embarrassed to haggle for a discount:


    Incredible really - biggest purchase of your life and all that, and 80% of buyers won't do it.

    I tried to haggle on my recent house purchase by submitting an offer of 10% below the 'offers over', the solicitor has advised about 5% as a cheeky initial bid. Unfortunately the seller just wasn't in the mood for haggling.

    He accepted my first offer (I'll be paying roughly 60% what he did four years ago). I should have been cheekier.

    Interestingly, the place has a new kitchen and bathroom fitted despite the previous kitchen and bathroom in the historical EA listings looking perfectly OK.

  11. 9 minutes ago, The Crow said:


    You can't say that I'm not doing my bit to bring this number down. I'll be completing on a flat by the end of the month. Buying it at c. 60% what it last sold for in 2014 and 10% less than the final 'offers over'. There doesn't seem to be much at all wrong with it, apart from a bit of dodgy decorating, the owner just seems to be keen to get rid which is good for me.

  12. 3 minutes ago, shortbread said:

    HM Land Registry: April'18 House Price Index

    Same as earlier. The Aberdeen prices keep inching lower. 

    Annual price change by local authority for Scotland




    Story in today's Evil Sexpest (I'm not going to bother linking) about how Westhill has the most expensive houses in Scotland. Nothing about miniscule volumes making the value of any sales that do go through to completion seem out of proportion.

  13. 54 minutes ago, The Crow said:

    Found this...  historical sales levels... Anyone got listings volumes?



    The quarterly ASPC report used to publish volume data years ago but stopped when it started going up sharply. You're best public domain source would probably be here, actually, but you'd need to go back through this thread and transfer the frequent mentions of the ASPC figures onto a spreadsheet; so not exactly convenient.

  14. 47 minutes ago, cashinmattress said:

    Seems counter intuitive that plans are still being drawn up for MORE property.

    From what I hear about large building companies like Stuart Milne, Barratt etc is that their profit margins are so wide that building a few ghost estates is worth it even if they only sell a few houses in them, and they always have the 'tenant of last resort' to fall back on.

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