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  1. Exactly, the words "Offers Over" are really not worth the pixels they're rendered in these days. We won't know what price it actually sells for until the completion and only then after a wait for the info to be published. At the mortgage company, the computer night say 'no' to anything even close to £637,500. I've added it to my wishlist to see how much it actually goes for. Watch this space.
  2. Yeah but they'd be kicking themselves in Spring Bounce 19™20™21™...... when prices shoot back up again.
  3. It's just the Daily Mail delivering its regulation two minutes of hate. Tomorrow, there will be a story of an overweight lady with too many children who is in receipt of state benefits and who refuses to feel any shame about her lot in life. Cue all the green and red arrows in the comments section.
  4. Another Aberdeen HTB story I heard was a friend of a friend was working as a junior accountant while studying for her ACCA exams. She bought a new-build flat on HTB and everything was fine for a bit. Then her practice in Aberdeen had to make job cuts and the only position she could find at her level was in Edinburgh. She wasn't able to rent the place out or sell it without making a huge loss that would wipe out her deposit and then some. She apparently felt a lot of resentment against her family whom she feels put undue pressure on her to buy the place.
  5. Rightmove sales info for July is out. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detail.html?columnToSort=DEED_DATE&originalIncode=&outcode=&incode=&country=scotland&locality=&buildType=1&propertyType=0&landRegTenureType=ANY&year=30&radius=0.0&sortOrder=descending&locationIdentifier=REGION^4&referrer=detailPage 410 sales in Aberdeen that month. Currently 6176 for sale and 716 for rent on ASPC. 1303 to rent on Citylets Aspc's total for sale has dropped slightly from the high-water mark of just over 6200 in the last few weeks as it did last year. I think we'll see this number decrease steadily over the next few months before it starts to rise again for Spring Bounce 2019™. Any thoughts?
  6. It would probably go a long way to solving Aberdeen's infrastructure problems. ?
  7. Time will tell, the whole AWPR road isn't fully open yet, just the section from Parkhill to Blackdog and the Balmedie to Tipperary route so far. Once it does open, I expect it will have a bigger effect on diverting traffic away from the dual-carriageway between Charleston and the Brig'o'Dee than with the Wellington road. The harbour extension in Nigg Bay looks to be a huge project but few people mention it.
  8. Even in 2015, there were still plenty of very nice 2+-beds within a short distance of Cove which could have been bought with a £10k deposit and a <=£150k mortgage. They were hoodwinked by marketing claptrap about getting on the ladder and HPI forever. In two years time, the the government are going to come looking for their HTB loan, the kid will be nearly ready for school (and will certainly be starting to take up a lot more space), meanwhile the parents might be wanting another child. I don't envy them one little bit.
  9. I feel sorry for them, it's pretty awful to slowly realise that you've made a horrible mistake. But they really should have done their homework. If their two-bed had risen in price, did they really expect a three-bed to have remained the same?
  10. I'd rather not because I'd prefer keep the person involved's precise details private. But you can check the sold prices of properties in the Rosemount area and compare them with current asking prices if you don't believe me.
  11. I know someone who sold a 2 bed in Rosemount for £185k in late 2014, a similar flat in the same building is on the market for £105k having been reduced from the original £115k when it first appeared on ASPC over a year ago.
  12. An old ASPC Stats favourite 10 Oakhill Grange has just been reduced by £25,000. Now it could be yours for a measly one million pounds. 200w.webp
  13. B&Q closing their OAP discount to new members What do people make of this? Are older people doing less DIY and thus not worth offering a discount or have B&Q cornered the market so effectively that they don't need to do this anymore?
  14. They are putting in an extra road through that part of town to try to relieve a bit of pressure on the Haudagain. It's pretty dramatic looking but hopefully it will work.
  15. Rightmove sales for June are out now https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detail.html?country=scotland&amp;locationIdentifier=REGION^4&amp;searchLocation=Aberdeen 345 sales, the same as last month. ASPC sitting at 6219 for sale right now and 774 to rent. Citylets has 1392 to rent. Citylets has fixed the funny bug that prevented you from searching directly for AB15. You could previously see places there by searching for Aberdeen but couldn't filter that particular postcode. None of the other postcodes were affected.
  16. Quite a lot of stuff on Hardgate ought to be demolished and plenty of really grotty places either side of King Street too. The number of buildings with easily fixable stuff such as shrubs growing out of the chimney pots and broken drainpipes spraying rainwater directly into the pointing in this town is absolutely shocking.
  17. Except, when you finish, you see that all the other things that need a lick and before you know it, you're living in the Forth Rail Bridge.
  18. I really hate painting but have just moved into a house with really horrible coloured stairs and skirting boards, so the colour needs to change. I offered a few unemployed (but with xp of painting) friends a bit of extra cash to do my painting but they weren't interested. As a result, I'm doing it myself and it isn't as bad as I thought.
  19. I think I'm missing something here. Are they still on sale or have they sold yet? Unless they've actually found a buyer then there is no profit. Plenty of folk with nice houses in fashionable areas have beautiful pictures of their wonderful houses on property websites for fantastic prices but can't seem to find a buyer for months at a time. It's always interesting to order them 'oldest first' and check the date on the home report.
  20. I hope they read the "Key Facts" sheet properly because they're likely going to get rinsed.
  21. Lots of lovely data to look at this morning then! ASPC 2018 Q2 Report is here: https://www.aspc.co.uk/media/1552/second-quarter-2018.pdf
  22. I have a 1st generation Suzuki Vstrom 650 and it is pretty much a consummate all-rounder. I've even taken it round a few logging tracks in the forest near Oban (when it was still on Anakee 3s, I'm currently on Road 4 Trails) and while it was a bit heavy, it still managed everything apart from deep mud. I've taken it on long runs down to London and across to Ireland too and it's not let me down yet. I really like my bike ?
  23. Citylets 2018 Q2 report is out today: https://www.citylets.co.uk/research/reports/property-rental-report-scotland-2018-q2/ Currently 1409 properties to rent on Citylets, 792 for rent and 6147 for sale on ASPC.
  24. Overheard in Union Square today, ? Also an acquaintance I mentioned before who was selling a flat that "has been a great BTL" just took it off the market with one EA (where it had sat at FP £145K with seemingly little interested buyers) and back on with another at OO £143K and a repaint. Because let's face it, it's the colour of the wall and the lounge at three whole thousand pounds that was keeping people away.
  25. My auntie's hairdresser's first cousin's ex husband's car mechanic used to pal around with someone who used to go to school with him. As I am obviously a close family friend, it would be quite improper for me to comment any more on this issue except to say, "Erm. Why is this even in the news? I know it's the Daily Mail but even so it's a bit of a tenuous link to celebrity."
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