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  1. and then you are unable to resist temptations of the furry dice and floor matts. All on a sweet HP deal. SOLD SOLD SOLD oops :D

    The thing is, the salespeople don't know that I actually have become attached to my current car and would feel bad about selling it without a good reason. I expect to keep it for the forseeable future.

    You wouldn't swap your three year old dog for a puppy just to get that "new dog" smell.

  2. Sales to private buyers are very weak.

    This could be the perfect opportunity to indulge in one of my favourite games:

    Pay a visit a car show-room posing as a prospective private buyer, "looking for a bit of a change" and then blag test-drives in the most expensive cars you can find. Look up the prices later and compare with a friend.

    What makes it even funnier is that the sales-people think you're playing hard-ball when you try to walk away from their pitch afterwards and invariably lower the price and start adding sweeterers to the deal.

  3. ...because it will make your premiums rise next year and give you more to b1tch about.

    Sadly, this is the way that everyone thinks and one of the main reasons that we get screwed by insurance companies every year.

    That's exactly my point. As with so many things these days, you know that it's a dog's breakfast of a situation when people who are nominally honest decide that certain crimes are morally acceptable.

  4. My car was involved in a crash, last winter which necessitated a 6 week stay in a garage (stretching out the duration to maximise the profits if I'm not mistaken) and costing c. £3000.

    The insurance company offered me a "free" hire car while I was waiting for mine to be repaired, the lady on the phone seemed genuinely surprised that I should decline this "free" offer. I rented a car when I needed one from the local rent-a-wreck place for about £10 a day.

    Long story short, nearly 10 months later and the case still hasn't been solved with the lawyers.

    My belief is that the whole insurance industry is a huge honey-pot for the various VIs: recovery companies, insurance, lawyers, repair workshops, claims managers, hire-car firms to name but a few but the reason that insurance premiums are getting higher may be due to an increase in fraud. Afterall, if you are sp_nking £2100 up the wall every year to drive a million-year-old Fiesta with nothing to show for it; why not indulge in a spot of insurance fraud?

  5. Exactly, ZIRP has bailed them out and given them the luxury of a little time.

    I imagine things would look different if they were still paying that crippling 6% mortgage payment against this backdrop.

    I told someone with an overpriced house that they can't sell the other day that if you haven't used the last few years of low interest rates to either batten down your hatches or launch the lifeboats then you deserve to go down with your ship.

    Pardon the nautical analogies.

  6. Good to see irritating "pretty boy" Bradshaw not selected for shadow cabinet. Over the last 12 months he has been on every political programme going. He comes across as the lightest of lightweights, but still he is thrust forward by his bosses, to further the party line. Hopefully gone forever from our screens, but i doubt it. Then there is Cooper, being touted as the next shadow chancellor. Good God. If that happens, it will certainly demean the post, and would prove that a shredded wheat could do the job.

    Pardon the cliché, but Isn't this all just a little bit like re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic. These losers are all about 15 years too late for the Nu-labour party.

    I mean a shadow chancellor who admits to knowing nothing about economics? That literally makes me shake with rage and don't get me started on Balls and Cooper.

  7. "Cheap tack modern shoe box, on a postage stamp sized plot, way overpriced by about double. Will probably need half a dozen tradesmen visits to fix all the teething problems. I've bought new property before. Not yet spoiled by smokers or other peoples kids. On the market for 280k, cost 85k to build. This is why prices are bound to fall."

    You forgot to add that most of the other units would probably be bought by absentee BTL landlords and either filled with short-term tennants or DSS claimants who most likely won't have any interest in keeping the place nice.

  8. I've seen this alot near me. They obviously don't know about Property Bee! I agree with you, they've heard prices are falling and so to achieve their asking price simply raise the asking price. Unless it's inflation blink.gif

    Wasn't there an advertisement for beer a few years ago with the tagline, "Reassuringly Expensive"? I think some sellers must be trying to reassure buyers about the quality of their houses.

  9. I notice in the article that the hapless vendors claim to have spent £4000 on kitchen equipment. From the look of the picture on Rightmove, I'm struggling to see where all the money went.

    Besides, "equipment" sounds like things that put in to make the place look nice and then taken away when the family move out.

    From the picture, they must have put all the expensive "equipment" inside those poor quality looking cupboards.

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