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  1. 3 hours ago, delboypass said:

    Started using Property Log Chrome extension with RightMove..

    Will show you all the price reductions

    Very interesting to see all the property asking price reductions - where they started, currently are at, and date first listed etc.

    Do any of these work on ASPC? I know you can check the published home report for the date and value of the surveyor's valuation or if you get the emails, check back through previous asking prices. There doesn't appear to be anything automated though.

  2. On 05/10/2018 at 16:32, Diver Dan said:

    Rightmove Aberdeen

    301 Sales in Aberdeen according to Rightmove:

    6102 For Sale on ASPC and 690 For Rent

    1279 For Rent on Citylets

    In contrast to what Aberdein and Considine were saying recently, the housing market activity actually seems to have been a bit subdued in August.

    Q3 reports should be coming in soon.

    That was August above. I haven't done one of these in a while so here are some numbers I have compiled from Rightmove:

    September 2018: 331
    October 2018: 348
    November 2018: 316


    5556 properties currently for sale on ASPC and 689 for rent.

    985 places to rent on Citylets

    Will we see these numbers increase in 2019? Plenty of new build housing being constructed and the AWPR will be starting to allow commuters to stay further out which would affect the cost of city housing.

    Various reports from Registers of Scotland, ASPC, Citylets etc. should be appearing shortly too.

  3. 2 hours ago, Oily said:

    On a POSITIVE note.......the price drop is not in 10 Oakhill Grange freefall category, which is now approaching a half million pound reduction and still not selling.  Now there's an uninspiring house with a horrible internal layout and a joke garden. Hard to believe someone paid almost one and a half mill for a gaff with a garden like this! Note the minimal planting scheme and clever use of a meandering path to give the impression of width.



    Perfect for Harry Potter fans, if JK Rowling is looking for an Aberdeen bolt-hole though, she'd have been in touch before now.

  4. 1 hour ago, Oily said:


    Getting back to the subject of the house price crash ....... here's an example that's been on the market for over 7 months and has dropped in price by £90k in just over 4 years (from £365k to £275k). This would be potentially ruinous for many people and must be getting close  to 'crash' territory.


    That's the type of house a relative of mine has, tall and narrow and quite impractical for families with young children because of all the staircases. A lot of the internal area is wasted  on the stairwell and landings. Not much room for a dining/kids homework table either.

    But due to its smaller footprint than an equivalent two storey house the developer can squeeze a few more units into a development.

    Plus it's in the catchment area for Harlaw Academy and not Cults which is the other side of Pitfodels Station Road. No offence meant to anyone  who went to Harlaw but stuff like this is probably a consideration for someone spending such an amount on a family home.

  5. 5 hours ago, Captain Kirk said:

    Bailing out feckless idiots in 2008 has just created millions of new feckless idiots for a bigger crash. That's one of the reasons you shouldn't do bailouts.

    One that I sparred with recently assured me that the landlord would just move family members into the vacant properties instead of selling. They could not see the obvious problem with this, namely that the family member would have to come up with the rent in order to cover the costs. But I'm not an independent financial adviser [sic] so what would I know.

  6. 17 hours ago, spyguy said:


    PhD is 5 years, just in time for paying off that free loan. Just as well shes very very clever. Youd not want a moron taking up this offer....


    Partner is a teacher who wants to do a PhD. Sounds to me like one of her sixth formers is going to have fun at university.

    Back on topic:

    I have a 15 year mortgage at 2.25% fixed for 5 years whose payments are less than a quarter my monthly income and I'm worried that I made a mistake. I dont know how some folk can sleep at night.

  7. 5 hours ago, btd1981 said:

    Also never get people gifts to help them win friends and influence people, especially if they are smart but socially awkward, because it's a bit insulting to imply that you think they are socially retarded - they are smart enough to see right through the situation and this will probably send them deeper into an introversion death spiral.

    I didn't actually get him a self help books, that was a tongue in cheek statement. I actually got the boy an album of sheet music of tunes that I think he might enjoy playing on the piano or guitar.

  8. 23 hours ago, CGS said:


    Was unaware of that info - thanks Dan....

    It will be interesting to see the new Exhibition Centre opening and how that drives traffic & business plus culture...

    https://www.teca.co.uk/   ( see the Gallery section )

    Aberdeen is a damn fine City - I believe the AWPR is providing a massive mojo boost right now


    And some ONE news here


    ASPC now under 5700 - can anyone recall what it was at it's peaks ?

    Keep it cup half full folks  ….. ? 


    No problem

    This time last year the ASPC stock ticker was at 5293 and a few people doubted that it would pass 6000.

  9. 5 hours ago, Council estate capitalist said:

    I'm hoping I don't get any tat this year, I'm certainly struggling to find presents for people that aren't plastic rubbish or "petrol station gifts" like Lynx gift sets. 


    I generally only buy gifts for my sibling' children and they generally only ever get bought books: E.g. "How To Win Friends And Influence People" for my clever but socially awkward 11 year old nephew.

    Never get someone cosmetics as a present because it's a bit an insulting implication that you think they are old-looking or smelly.

  10. 1 hour ago, Wayward said:

    Goods of ostentation  or Veblen goods - increase the price and demand increases.  More common that folk realise.  Designer clothes, perfumes, high end wines and spirit and yes even beer.  Seems folk in the UK are particularly susceptible to this nonsense...look at the designer clothes that cost £2 to make in Bangladesh but sell in the UK for £80...many European fashion houses are laughing and falling off their chairs when they think about the Brits saving up getting into debt to buy those jeans / T shirts...

    Fixed for you.

  11. Stagecoach are planning on running services between Peterhead and Montrose via Ellon Park & Ride, the airport, Kingswells and Stonehaven completely avoiding the city centre. Once they've completed the bit between Dyce and Blackdog obviously.

    The bypass will certainly make living in houses near former rat runs such as between. Cults, Kingswells and Bicksburn a lot more pleasant.

  12. 3 hours ago, longgone said:

    He compromised, as we all do. So it’s a new build, took advantage of the government ISA scheme to maximise his savings, and the Help to Buy scheme. He has a 2 bed apartment so would take in a lodger if mortgage rates went very high. 

    Taking in a lodger is completely against the rules of the HTB equity share scheme, so I hope DS (whoever that is, Donald Sutherland?) isn't being serious about it as a plan B.

  13. All very interesting about whether or not to get a BTL but currently my income minus expenses gives me only a few hundred pounds a month, not enough to put down a deposit on the bedsit in Rotherham of my dreams.

    Currently, I have standing orders into a stocks and shares LISA and ISA which are mainly focused on index trackers and some Blue Chips, plus a contingency fund in cash where any excess over a certain amount gets used to top up the ISAs before the end of the tax year. 

    My rationale is that this is relatively low risk and liquid and if the markets go down, then my standing order buys more stock and if they go up, the money I invested already increases in value.

    Am I an idiot or should I be doing something different?

  14. On 06/09/2018 at 12:35, Diver Dan said:

    Rightmove sales info for July is out.


    410 sales in Aberdeen that month.

    Currently 6176 for sale and 716 for rent on ASPC.

    1303 to rent on Citylets

    Aspc's total for sale has dropped slightly from the high-water mark of just over 6200 in the last few weeks as it did last year. I think we'll see this number decrease steadily over the next few months before it starts to rise again for Spring Bounce 2019™.

    Any thoughts?

    Rightmove Aberdeen

    301 Sales in Aberdeen according to Rightmove:

    6102 For Sale on ASPC and 690 For Rent

    1279 For Rent on Citylets

    In contrast to what Aberdein and Considine were saying recently, the housing market activity actually seems to have been a bit subdued in August.

    Q3 reports should be coming in soon.

  15. 14 hours ago, CGS said:

    Has this been shared in here before ? I don't recall seeing it before ....


    Thanks for that.

    The report says basically that transaction levels have stabilised as sellers become more realistic about how much they can get for their houses and start to accept lower offers. Decent stuff priced keenly shifts faster than overpriced rubbish. Pretty much on the level of most of the other reports that have been published here recently.

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