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  1. I worked delivering pizzas by car a few years ago and the tips could be quite variable, normally the new-build luxury developments with shiny late-model German cars outside were the worst for demanding the last penny of their change back, whereas the leafy old-money streets with 10 year old Volvos parked outside were amongst the best for adding on an extra few quid to the total. You could do quite well on a good night but certainly not enough to build much of a house deposit.
  2. A uPVC conservatory or some crazy paving then? ?
  3. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-house-price-index-scotland-february-2019/uk-house-price-index-scotland-february-2019 The Registers of Scotland House Price Report came out recently too. Local authorities February 2019 February 2018 Difference Aberdeenshire £180,862 £191,909 -5.8% City of Aberdeen £149,435 £160,631 -7.0% City of Dundee £118,337 £117,459 0.7% City of Edinburgh £260,205 £250,962 3.7% City of Glasgow £129,126 £126,515 2.1% Scotland £145,762 £145,982 -0.2%
  4. Would they not be better of putting all these £300 monies together into some sort of "common good" fund like they do with lottery money? £300 isn't really going to buy an individual person very much, a night out and a few bits and pieces maybe; but funding for recreational facilities, community projects etc. could really benefit from the combined cash.
  5. February's Rightmove shows 222 sales in Aberdeen. ASPC currently at 5710 for sale and 715 for rent. Citylets has 1197 for rent, of which 1001 are classed as flats.
  6. Minimum wage at 19 is £6.15 an hour and that's after a hard shift doing (apprentice probably) tree surgery. Maybe having a beauty queen in tow is good for tips.
  7. Meanwhile in Belfast: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-47886829
  8. April 5th last year ASPC was at 5421 and reached 5505 on the 17th of that month. I'm sure the next ASPC report will be full of green shoots!
  9. The worst landlords usually end up with the worst tenants. How many honest, hardworking people looking to rent something in Ashford have turned on their heels and fled as soon as they realised that Fatty Fergus would be their landlord?
  10. Every other post on my local Tory MP's Twitter feed seems to be in support of this aggressive tax avoidance. There are a lot of highly paid oil & gas contractors living in the area who are probably up to their necks in dodgy offshore accounts "being relentlessly hounded for retrospective and regressive taxation by the uncaring and unaccountable HMRC" though, so it probably is a popular vote winner for him.
  11. In recent years, the tourist season in Skye has expanded well into Spring and Autumn. I was working in Portree for a few months and there seemed to be coaches full of tourists and foreign registered vehicles long after I would have expected them to have finished for the season. The time I was working there had wonderful clear skies quite a lot of the time, as well as one or two quite spectacular storms, which I expect most tourists would be aware of when they decided to visit. My colleagues there, if they had a family croft also had one or two other jobs (fish farming, hospitality, public sector, offshore oil and gas, engineering etc.) or they'd left to make money elsewhere for a few years before returning to settle down. This effectively made keeping a few hens, sheep or cattle and a poly-tunnel or whatever more of a lifestyle choice than a necessity.
  12. The numbers always rise to try to catch the Spring Bounce™ Cross referencing some of the asking prices for flats bought new in the last ten years with their previous sold prices is bringing up some pretty eye-watering drops: Purchase Date Purchase Price 23-05-2014 £228,000.00 19-06-2009 £200,000.00 This one is currently on for a fixed price of £165,000
  13. Doing my best to keep this dead thread alive! January's Rightmove sold prices for Aberdeen are online now: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detail.html?country=scotland&locationIdentifier=REGION^4&searchLocation=Aberdeen 286 sales in January ASPC currently at 5553 for sale and 657 for rent. Citylets has 1247 for rent, of which 1029 are classed as flats.
  14. Side by side or upstairs/downstairs could both work. Probably easy enough to cut a hole in the floor and fit a modular spiral staircase.
  15. See the thread of BTL landlords rushing for the exits. A lot of these tenement flats are BTL with the attendant lack of adequate and timely maintenance. I know several owner occupiers in mostly BTL blocks who have an absolute nightmare every time they want to have some communal maintenance done. Prospective FTBs would probably be well advised to keep saving their deposit until the cost of a larger flat comes within their grasp. I could actually see a point where it becomes economically viable to buy adjacent tenement flats in the same block and knock two together, still not cheap enough for that yet though.
  16. Do they do a mix adjustment or just a simple mean of all the houses sold?
  17. December's Rightmove sales showed 305 sales. Obviously a bit lower than it could have been because of Christmas, no sales after the 24th. Rightmove Sold Prices for Aberdeen Currently 5542 for sale on ASPC and 681 for rent. Citylets has 1249 for rent, which seems like a bit of a jump, so my previous search on that site might have had a filter on it. 1038 if I only search for flats.
  18. It's down to creeping automation. Lighthouses were one of the first things to succumb. No need for an entire family when you can just get an electronic timer to do the job.
  19. How about some ASPC stats then? The Q4 2018 report came out today. https://www.aspc.co.uk/media/1677/fourth-quarter-2018.pdf The quarterly house price change in Aberdeen City and suburbs is -1.8%. The annual house price change in Aberdeen City and suburbs is -1.4%. The annualised house price change over five years in Aberdeen City and suburbs is -2.2%. The Citylets rental report is also out for Q4 2018: https://www.citylets.co.uk/research/reports/property-rental-report-scotland-2018-q4/ Currently, there are 5547 houses for sale on ASPC and 682 for rent. Citylets has 993 places for rent.
  20. I bet she also thinks that people on zero hours contracts love the flexibility that it gives them? Renting a house would be fine ifnthe housing stock and renters rights were suitable for long term occupation and rents were low enough that you could make ends meet without difficulty every month.
  21. Where in my comment did I mention any political party? Stop using stupid non-sequiturs and straw-men arguments.
  22. I can't understand why the right to buy houses were sold without some sort of covenant banning anyone from renting them out so as to ensure that they remain in the hands of owner occupiers.
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