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  1. Now reduced to £930,000, they're practically giving it away at this price! https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/361153/10-Oakhill-Grange/Aberdeen/
  2. You should start an off topic thread and call it "Deluded Old Estate Agents On Dating Sites."
  3. So many hotels in town now so there's a lot more competition. Plus b&b owners often have slightly questionable decor choices such as several shelves of creepy clown-dolls (true story)
  4. I asked them over a year ago if it would be possible to have smaller gradations for internal area than 25m2, because the difference between a 51 and a 74m2 is quite stark but ASPC treats them the same. It wouldn't even be that difficult to change how the website checks their database but they gave a vague waffly response and it's still the same.
  5. I always wonder what it would be like to go into a fancy car garage with a sack of £50 notes but I'm always reminded of the urban legend in my home town: The richest man in town went to one BMW dealership in shabby clothes and was treated contemptuously by the sales staff despite having enough money to buy a tip of the range 7 series. He later went to another BMW dealership and bought said car before returning to the first place to tell the snooty salesman, "Here's the car you could have sold me." The modern day version would now end with the salesman replying, "While you were off buying that 7 series for cash, we just sold several truckloads cars to people on finance.
  6. I have noticed that at all levels of the market some places will fly off the shelf if the seller is sensible and flexible with their price. Whereas something that looks beautiful spacious and in a nice location but is way over the odds will sit for months and years when it could have sold easily except the sellers won't admit that they're being greedy and prospective buyers probably won't even book a viewing because it's out of their affordability range.
  7. Is there a corollary from this story of young Londoners moving out to Peterborough from Putney or The Isle of Dogs to North Uist in search of a more favourable rent to income ratio?
  8. April's Rightmove shows 301 sales in Aberdeen Rightmove Aberdeen April 2019 ASPC just broke 6000. Who thought it would take till July? 711 places to rent. Citylets at 1365 of which 1172 are flats.
  9. The thing I don't understand with Wagamama is that pretty much any standard family owned Chinese/East-Asian restaurant will make you something very similar for about half to two-thirds the price, yet Wagamama always seems packed when I walk past.
  10. Next time in the Daily Fail: Sad-face because I overpaid by £40k for a house of horrors that had been tarted up with a few licks of paint and some B&Q flowers.
  11. I read it so you don't have to. There's so much wishful thinking going on here.
  12. From the Wikipedia article, the 1A, 1B and 1C variants refer to Airbus, Boeing and Comac respectively. The A version has the widest diameter, highest bypass ratio and largest maximum thrust. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFM_International_LEAP
  13. March's Rightmove shows 236 sales with some pretty spicy reductions from previous sold prices, especially over the last 5 years. Several increases too over 10 years and older prices though, it has to be said. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detail.html?country=scotland&locationIdentifier=REGION^4&searchLocation=Aberdeen Shortbread has already posted the for-sales on ASPC but there are also 677 for rent. Citylets has 1276 for rent, of which 1073 are classed as flats.
  14. I prepare meals for people with social problems such as gambling, alcohol and drug dependence, some of these people also have dodgy records of sexual misconduct. If it wasn't for my organisation most of them would be down and out living on the streets. Do I work in some kind of soup kitchen or homeless shelter? No, I'm a chef in the Palace of Westminster restaurant! ?
  15. These sorts of things should have been done in the form of a loan that the property developers are obliged to pay back and which would follow the board members of the property companies around like student debt in case they tried to go bankrupt to clear it.
  16. I'd been a lurker and then also had a different account before this one.
  17. China's property bubble has been on the brink of bursting pretty much since I joined this site. Is it different this time?
  18. So basically if there actually is a book of estate agents' tricks, that's probably one of the oldest ones in it. ?
  19. How about this one in rural Aberdeenshire, near Fraserburgh? A snip at offers over £700k. https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/373671/Aberdour-House/Fraserburgh/
  20. The estate agent probably loves it if they're taking prospective buyers on a tour of houses in the area. Once they've clapped eyes on that overpriced sh!t-tip, anything they see afterwards will look like a palace in comparison!
  21. Like the man said yesterday, how many of these five thousand, eight hundred and four property listings are just pointlessly clogging up a server or estate agent's window with little to no hope of selling for anything close to asking?
  22. ASPC Q1 2019 report published today: https://www.aspc.co.uk/information/house-prices/ There seems to be a little bit of reality (heavily sugar-coated, of course) seeping into the ASPC narrative: Any thoughts?
  23. And it's not as if you can simply 'Just rent it out, Innit!' anymore. Just look at the latest Citylets report, published today: Citylets Q1 2019 ASPC at 5787 for sale and 701 for rent. Citylets at 1255 for rent of which 1055 are flats.
  24. Very few people need a personal trainer, unless you're a contender for the Olympics or something. I see them at the gym all upbeat and enthusiastic while their portly middle aged client lifts a 6kg kettle bell or walks slightly briskly on the treadmill. The televisions at the gym frequently also have adverts to train as an instructor for as little as £1500 for a home-study course available at low-rate finance. This and thousands of people graduating with Sport Science degrees means that there are a lot more personal trainers than trainees. So if you're a regular at a gym, prepare to be accosted frequently by underworked PTs looking for new clients. I'm actually friends with several PTs and they all have 'normal' jobs that they fit their personal training around. It's a very rare trainer that actually has it as a full-time career. I think the lady in the story should have realised this by now.
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